Contest Entries, Part 2: Understanding POV

~ By Laura Trentham  This is Part 2 of my observations from judging lots of RWA contests for unpublished manuscripts. I really love judging, not only to give back to a process that gave me my start in publishing, but by critiquing someone else’s writing, I discover weakness in my own. Part 1 focused on the actual beginning of your story and the delicate balance of backstory in the first three chapters. Now, I’m going to discuss a craft item that affects not just your first chapters, but you entire book. Deep POV. First, let me say, this is...

This Week in Chick Lit: Stiletto Edition

Hi Everyone! The biggest news in chick lit this week is our chapter’s much anticipated Get Your Stiletto in the Door Contest! As you may have noticed, our recent posts have all been encouraging personal stories about the contest. We’ll continue to post these pieces through next week and possibly longer. If you have any questions or comments about the contest, this is the place to ask! Just leave a comment on this post and we’ll help you find your answer. The deadline is September 6th, 2011. Good luck to all those entering! 🙂