We’re honored that you’re here at the launch of our brand new group blog! In fact, we’re so thrilled we’re tossing virtual confetti your way.

Here’s the plan. A few times a week, we’re going to show up with shiny new posts about the chick lit industry. You’ll be hearing from writers, readers, agents, editors, librarians and reviewers.

It’s amazing how much there is to discuss. The sheer variety and number of topics we have lined up prove one thing:

Chick lit is SO not dead.

We’re going to be repeating that mantra quite a bit, for those in the back who routinely miss the memo.

Chick lit is SO not dead. The stories and the characters we chick lit writers create are not only alive and well, they’re full of spirit, charm, and, most importantly, attitude.

To start our discussion on the genre, we thought we’d share some of our thoughts on chick lit:

I read chick-lit because, let’s face it, life can throw us some serious fast-balls and losing yourself in light reading focused on some fictional chick’s life can often be WAY more fun. Similarly, I write chick-lit because 1) life has thrown ME some serious fast-balls and losing myself in writing about some fictional chick’s life is often WAY more fun and 2) my writing focuses on strong yet vulnerable women trying to navigate a world they often cannot control and learning a lot about themselves in the process. And as I’ve been told time and time again, “write what you know.”

~ Meredith Schorr

Chick lit characters are never depressing. If I need a dose of dysfunctional family, I can pick up the phone. I read and write to escape into an entertaining world where problems can be resolved and happily ever after achieved in 300 or so pages.

~ Chris Bailey

There was a time when chick lit was all about pink covers, lipstick, and shoes. In some cases, it still is, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I love that these days, a chick lit heroine can wear stilettos, bunny slippers or work boots. She may be the life of the party, or feel more at home curled up on her couch with her dog. She can work in an office or a national park. What makes her a heroine is her attitude, her strength, and that we laugh with her, cry with her and follow her through whatever type of journey she may be on.

~ Melina Kantor

Where can you get a strong protagonist, with real issues, and look good while doing it? I love for my readers to feel what my heroine feels, live what my heroine lives, and walk away feeling good. With today’s life issues, we need strong Chick Lit books to get us through the tough times smiling, and feeling good about our life.

~Tonya Kappes

Chick-Lit truly is all about “the attitude”. And oh yeah, I’ve got plenty of that kinda sass and sage wisdom to share with y’all! Here’s the scoop: as the beyond fabulous Lauren Baratz-Logsted said in her book THIS IS CHICK-LIT “Lits [i.e. literary writers] facing off against Chicks is nothing new. Indeed, the first instance I can find…is from Charlotte Bronte in 1848, on the topic of Miss Jane Austen.” So bring it on, Bronte Lits. It’s time to hear from today’s Chick-Lit Chicks!

~ D.D. Scott

So, fellow chick lit fans. Why do you read / write / love chick lit? Please tell us in the comments!

See you on September 21st! We’ll be discussing the “State of Chick Lit.” Trust us. You’ll want to be there.  Possibly with your favorite chocolate and your coffee drink of choice.

Until then, Sexy Sassy Smart Chick Lit Wishes!

And don’t forget: Chick lit. It’s all about the attitude.