NaNoWriMo Day #8

Welcome to NaNoWriMo, Day 8!

And to the second week of this noveling madness. Week 2 is famous for being a pain. Yeah, yeah, it’s Monday, and that doesn’t help. But if we stick together, we’ll be fine. Pinky swear.

Sometimes, inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. For example, check out this example of how a conversation overheard in a coffee shop could work itself into a novel:

Mid-morning in a coffee shop, two baristas and a customer discuss airport security hassles.

“Yeah, you can fly with a gun. You just have to pack it in a special case.”

Good to know.

~ Overheard by Chris Bailey

Your assignment today: Eavesdrop, and see what gems you can collect for your story. Then, share those gems and success stories here!

Your random challenge word of the day is: opposite

As in, your hero and heroine have opposite goals. Opposites attract. Your heroine has a dog who always does the opposite of what she wants.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment and let us know how you’re doing! And if you’ve managed to use any challenge words in a sentence, please share!

As a bonus, here’s some musical inspiration for this cold Monday. Doesn’t the woman in this song make you think of a chick lit protagonist?

Happy Noveling! :-)

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day #8”

  1. Sooo always luuuvvved that song…but had forgotten about it til you shared it with us!

    Thanks for that!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart I’ll Be Singing That For Days Now Wishes — D. D. Scott

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