‘Tude-torial #6

~ By D.D. Scott

For this week’s Chick Lit “It’s all about the attitude” ‘Tude-torial, I’m Harley Jane Kozak-ing it!

That’s right…as in “the” Harley Jane Kozak, the fabulous actress whose screen credits include PARENTHOOD (with Steve Martin), THE FAVOR, and ARACHNOPHOBIA, plus the beyond fabulous author whose books include the multiple award-winning DATING DEAD MEN and who also happens to be the amazing woman I’m thrilled to be doing a MUSE THERAPY GOES HOLLYWOOD Live Workshop with in LA next year for RT11.

Harley Jane had this to say about our beloved Chick Lit genre:

Chick-lit, for me, is a twenty-first-century marketing term that describes a genre that’s been around for eons.  It’s a story primarily by and about and for women, Everywoman, with Everyday concerns, which is to say relationships, family, work, children, fashion and, especially, romance.  There’s good chick-lit and bad, lightweight and profound, highbrow, lowbrow, funny, poignant…It’s a term I find more flippant than offensive – but then, I’m not easily offended.

— Harley Jane Kozak, THIS IS CHICK-LIT, “The Infidelity Diet”

I luuuvvved Harley’s definition, and her “not easily offended” attitude!  She sooo nailed that Chick-Lit is indeed for Everywoman with Everyday concerns.

And it really is that simple in that in order to go for the gusto, and write the genre(s) suited for your natural voice, you’ve got to put away your “easily offended” selves and write what you love.

And if people don’t like it, I mean really, go back to this little charmer:

Sexy Sassy Smart Chick Lit & Harley Jane Kozak-ing Away Your “Easily Offended” Selves Wishes  — D. D. Scott

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2 thoughts on “‘Tude-torial #6”

  1. Tickled to hear you luuuvvved my No $hit Chick sign! She’s always my Go-To-Gal for Attitude Adjustment !!!

    And adding Harley Jane Kozak to any ‘Tude-torial is always a winner! She’s a hoot!!!

    Sexy Sassy Smart ‘Tude-torial Wishes — D. D. Scott

  2. I loved your latest “bitchy” sign——how cool, how true! Harley Jane had a great defintion of “chick lit,” too! Keep up the great writing! I’m anxiously awaiting your new book’s release——-“Stompin’ On Stetsons!”

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