‘Tude-torial #11

~ By D.D. Scott

It’s not just time for our weekly Chick Lit “It’s all about the attitude” ‘Tude-torial, it’s also holiday madness time!!!  And for me, nobody does madness better than Maxine!!!

So from now thru New Year’s, I’m givin’ ya ‘Tude straight from Queen ‘Tude herself.  It’s a little Holiday Crabby-‘Tude!

Now how’s this for starters…


The next time you’re suffering from writer’s block or freakin’-out due to all the holiday madness – family originated or not – check out Maxine’s Facebook Page for tons of laughs.

Then suck it up and keep crankin’ out pages.  That’s probably what Maxine would advise…don’t ya think?!

Sexy Sassy Smart Maxine & Holiday Madness Wishes — D. D. Scott

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2 thoughts on “‘Tude-torial #11”

  1. Too funny, Jeff…well, I’m sure it wasn’t funny to you then…and sounds like not too funny now either…LOL!…but you know what I mean…LOL some more!!!

    I had a co-worker like that too once – you know, the one with the permanent scowl and crabby @ss expression.

    Sexy Sassy Smart Crabby @ss Co-worker Wishes — D. D. Scott

  2. D.D.,
    Years ago I used to work with a woman who so resembled ‘Maxine’ that I still cannot look at a Maxine cartoon without thinking of that woman.

    Kinda kills the Maxine humor … if you know what I mean.

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