‘Tude-torial #9

~ By D.D. Scott

How’s this for a beyond fabulous, Chick Lit “It’s all about the attitude” ‘Tude-torial?

I’m thinkin’ attitude is personified to the max by Queen Nora – yes, as in NYT’s Bestseller Extraordinaire Nora Roberts.

Check-out these Nora-isms from her RWA10 Keynote Luncheon Address then practice them in your favorite hand-held mirror:

“How the hell do you look it up if you can’t spell it?!” –  regarding using a dictionary

“Don’t waste time bitching!”

“Assholes remain assholes.”

“Find a friend who will buy you a drink at the bar.”

So, in Queen Nora Spirit, “Suck it up…[and] ride the hard!”

Sexy Sassy Smart Nora-isms & ‘Tude Wishes — D. D. Scott

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