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A group of authors who are members of the San Diego Writing Women have started an offshoot group to help aspiring writers. The group is made up of all sorts of authors, including a chick lit author.

You can listen to the story here. Isn’t it great how writers go out of their way to help each other?

Stories of Interest:

This list of 50 Chick Lit Novels That Are Still Worthwhile Reads is quite a combination of books. What do you think? Which books are missing from the list? Are any of these books not really chick lit? Leave a comment and let us know.

And a little inspiration from Jane Green:


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  1. Thanks Chris! Glad you liked the video. It’s always nice to hear about the experiences of other writers.

    And thanks for stopping by my personal blog! I used to be a better blogger. I’ll try to keep it up. . .

    Good luck with the deadline!

  2. Thank you for finding the Jane Green video! And news of chick lit across the country. By the way, your blog is fabulous. I am supposed to be on a deadline, and there I was, experiencing Athens with you!

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