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It’s such an honor to have Laura Roppe, host of the fabulous Kindle Love Stories podcast, visit the blog today.

Welcome Laura! 

Please tell us a bit about the Kindle Love Stories podcast and its background. How did it get started?

Kindle Love Stories is a place for our audience to find out about the latest in romance and love stories and to connect with other readers, to hear book recommendations and author interviews, and find out about upcoming great reads.  We have a podcast, and videos, too; plus all sorts of great stuff on our Facebook page.  It came about when the good folks at Amazon realized there wasn’t anything like it already.  They saw a strong desire for just this kind of content and decided to fill the void.

You have a background as a singer / songwriter, and have also written a memoir. How did you become the host of a podcast about romance? How has your background helped you in your role as host?

I became the host of Kindle Love Stories through pure serendipity! As you mention, I’ve written a memoir (which is really just a love story, actually) and I was thrilled to be asked to narrate the audio book for it. Through the course of recording that narration in the studio, I met the creators of Kindle Love Stories, and everything just clicked into place. It’s one of those stories where I was in the right place at the right time. I do think my background has helped me in my role as host. I have a background in theatre and I also perform with my rock band almost every weekend, and that’s great training for just being comfortable in front of people. I’m not afraid to make a fool of myself! Also, I was a trial attorney for many years, so asking lots of questions comes naturally to me. And, in my role as a singer-songwriter and writer, I’m all about storytelling, and tapping into honest emotions, so that’s a great fit with a show about love and romance.

Have you always been a fan of romance? What have you discovered about the romance genre since starting the podcast?

I have been a fan of romance my whole life. My mom never read traditional romance novels, so I did not grow up with that type of influence, but I always sought out books about love. And then, when I was an exchange student in Spain at age 14, I was dying to read a book in English. I happened upon an obscure romance novel that was actually pretty racy, as I recall, and I was floored by it. And then, when I got home from Spain, I found Nora Roberts. Of course, I was also obsessed with books like Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre and Gone with the Wind, too. Hosting the show has been an incredible education for me about how broad the term “romance” really is; and that there are literally infinite stories to be told in this genre. I’ve been gobbling up everything I’ve read in connection with the show, crying ugly tears, laughing myself silly, and just plain loving everything I’ve had the good fortune to read. Also, before becoming host, I really didn’t know much about the incredible world of indie authors. It’s been fun to talk to fans about new indie releases and discover some real gems.

You’re so lucky to have the opportunity to speak with so many beloved authors. What are some of your favorite questions to ask? What do you love learning about them?

You are so right! I am lucky, indeed.  Meeting all of these talented and wise and funny and heartfelt authors has been the greatest joy for me. When I interview them, I’m always hoping to ask them something they haven’t been asked before, something that might elicit a unique conversation that will give our audience some insight into what makes them tick.  I always like to ask people what advice they have for their younger selves about love, or about their personal motto.  Of course, it’s always interesting to hear what they think “romance” means.  No two people define it exactly the same way.

My favorite part of Kindle Love Stories is watching the book club meetings on YouTube. In your opinion, what makes a book club successful? Do you have any tips for women looking to start their own book clubs?

Thank you!  I love our book clubs, too.  So much fun! Who doesn’t want to hang out with girlfriends and talk about a great book?  And by the way, the ladies in those videos really are my best friends. And they’ve loved reading the books as much as I have. A great book club starts with a group that shares a love for reading, right? As long as everyone there is passionate about reading a great story, fun and girl-bonding is bound to occur.  Wine never hurts, either! If you want to start your own book club, ask your circle of friends and acquaintances to see if they’re interested.  You don’t need a big group, as our book club has shown.  And it’s always fun to host a book club party with thematic elements related to the book. If your book takes place on an island, then you can have fruity drink concoctions, and lots of flowers to decorate. If you’re reading romantic suspense with some blood and carnage, then how about bloody Mary mix? When I hosted a KLS book club for a paranormal book, I got plastic vampire teeth for everyone. It was silly, but fun. Just remember that book club is a chance to bond with some fun people over a great book.

What are some of the ways Goodreads and Facebook have helped form a community of Kindle Love Stories listeners?

Oh gosh, wow. These social media have been invaluable to our listeners, and to the romance community in general. Finally, people who share the same passion for reading and romance have a way to find each other, no matter how scattered we might be across the globe!  Our groups on Goodreads and our Facebook page allow us to interact with our audience, host giveaways and contests; get feedback; show videos; offer book recommendations (and receive them). I can’t say enough about how much these platforms have meant to our show.

Over the course of the podcast, you’ve been able to record several episodes on location. You had a book club meeting at a winery, you rode a mechanical bull at a ranch, and made crepes at a French café. What have been some of your favorite on location experiences?

Aren’t I lucky?  I really am.  Hosting the show has allowed me to have some crazy adventures. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but one thing that leaps to mind is I got to go to rocker Bret Michael’s house for a whole day! Our whole crew hung out with him and interviewed him. He was so gracious and charming. (And his eyes are incredibly blue, I might add.) It was a real highlight of an already ridiculously awesome job.

What do you think is the appeal of contemporary romance? How does it differ from other subgenres?

Ah, contemporary romance!  It sweeps me away like nothing else! I think the appeal is that it’s so relatable, you really can put yourself into the characters’ shoes and sort of live the story and emotions for yourself—even work through some stuff in your own life a bit. When I’m in the middle of a great contemporary book, I can’t help but look around as I’m crossing the street and imagine those characters come to life around me. Contemporary romance differs from other subgenres in that it’s not about magic and superpowers and other worlds, or life-threatening suspense; it’s about the ups and downs and joys and heartbreaks and thrills inherent in matters of the heart. I love it so much!

Thank you so much for visiting, Laura! 

For more information about Kindle Love Stories, please visit the Web site, Facebook page, and Goodreads group. You can learn more about Laura at

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  1. Thank you, Abigail and Nancy! I LOOOOOVE KLS! I’m so glad you are enjoying it, too! The very best part is being part of such an awesome and enthusiastic romance community. It’s filled with the incredible people with big hearts.

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