Writing Prompt – Seinfeld Style

a97df58f9b8547de5a5aae5db686393aHappy Friday. :-) It’s Melissa here (aka Melina).

To kick off the weekend, we’ve got a writing prompt. Don’t be shy. Dive in and give this a shot. It’ll get you warmed up for a weekend of writing, and prompts are a great exercise in learning about your voice.

Not only that, today’s prompt is also an exercise in character building.

It’s also, um, kind of stolen borrowed from a famous episode of Seinfeld.

Have fun!



Write a scene in which your very hungry protagonist – the poor dear has had a rough day at work with no time for lunch – is with a group of friends at a restaurant. They have limited time, because they have to be at a movie / party / show by a certain time. The host / hostess /  maitre d’ assures the group, over and over, that they will have a table in 5 – 10 minutes. It’s been over an hour. To make matters worse, she notices that some of the people who arrived after she and her friends did are already being seated. How does your protagonist react? Is she confrontational? What is her tone of voice? Does she keep her frustration bottled up? Does she use humor or snark to help her cope (think Jerry trying to convince Elaine to steal an egg roll from somebody’s table)? Is she the complainer of the group or does she try to keep everyone calm and try to make a plan? What happens at the hour mark?

Leave your scene in the comments! Stuck? This should help. (Or at least keep you entertained.)

Next week’s Seinfeld prompt: Cinnamon vs. Chocolate Babka (get a preview here). If you’ve got a favorite Seinfeld moment (or Friends moment, or any TV show moment you love) that would make a good writing prompt, let me know!

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