Our Chick Lit Roots

woman-reading-book-hammock-beach-169x300Hello Contemporary Romance Writer Fans,

Yes, we are all here to talk about contemporary romance, obviously. But our chapter used to be all about chick lit.

Today, to honor our roots, here are some links to posts from way back when, all in celebration of chick lit.

Do you think chick lit and contemporary romance are connected? What do you think of the term chick lit? What can reading chick lit teach us about creating protagonists for our contemporary romances?

Leave a comment. Let’s talk!


Your Perfect Chick Lit Heroine

~ By Megan Crane

If chick lit is—to use my favorite definition—a story about a woman’s journey (Usually when asked I say that my books are “about a girl… who’s on an emotional journey…” Yeah.  I’m not so good with pitches.), then it makes sense that your heroine is therefore the base upon which your entire novel rests.  Yes, your entire novel.  So, no pressure!

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I Write It, But I Can’t Define It. What Is Chick-Lit?

~ By Shelly Bell

My name is Shelly Bell and I read and write Chick-Lit.

My friends and I began dabbling in the genre back in the early nineties, when hairspray and waterfall bangs were in style (which I never needed because I’ve always had naturally, big hair). The first Chick-Lit author I remember enjoying was Olivia Goldsmith, who is most popular for writing The First Wives Club, a movie which incidentally co-starred a friend of mine, Elizabeth Berkeley. But I digress.

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Chick Lit By Any Other Name?

~ By Hillary Raymer

As I delved into my first attempt at NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), it occurred to me that my soon-to-be hopeful novel needed a “genre.” Though I don’t write the sassy chick lit that many of us have come to love, I do believe I have a strong chick lit voice, one that carries significant weight when I write my paranormal romances. So when it came time to choose a genre for NaNoWriMo, I was torn. Should I choose Romance or Fantasy? But then there was Chick Lit. A genre that many had sworn was a one hit wonder of its time but yet I had the ability to choose it for my NaNoWriMo novel. And that got me thinking…

Finding Chick Lit

~ By Chris Bailey

Last Sunday, I settled into a deck chair overlooking a blue lagoon to read a middleweight newspaper, with no interruptions except for the occasional squonk of a territorial heron. I didn’t expect to find a huge bonus—but tucked inside the Baldwin (County, Ala.) Register, I found the local answer to the New York Times Sunday Book Review. Forty pages of News and Views, filled with author interviews, a calendar of signings and other store events, and book reviews by category.

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