RWA Annual Meeting Panels Featuring CRW Members

Laura Kaye crop~ By Laura Kaye

The Romance Writers of America annual meeting is next week in New York City and the Contemporary Romance Writers will be out in force! Below are just some of the panels on which you’ll be able to hear CRW members speak.


9.45 am: Bollywood Basics: Lessons from the world’s largest film industry to turn your novel into a blockbuster

Presenters: Nisha Sharma, Suleikha Snyder, Sonali Dev

12:45 pm: Which Track Is For You — Indie, Traditional, or Hybrid?

Presenters: Serena Bell, Rachel Grant, Bria Quinlan and Monica Murphy

2 pm: No Muse? No Problem

Presenters: Cynthia D’Alba, Lori Wilde, Elle James, Laura Kaye, Sarah M. Anderson

2 pm: Beyond Business: Taking the author/agency relationship into a new era

Presenter: Deborah Blake


9:45 am: Staying Fit While Writing

Presenters: Sara Humphreys, Laura Kaye, Eliza Knight, and Maggie Marr

9:45 am: The Perfect Threesome: Exploring the Relationship Between Author, Editor, and Agent

Presenters: Nalini Akolekar, Tracy Brogan, Kim Law, Kelli Martin, and Terri Osburn

12:45 pm: Is Your Writing Killing You? Ergonomics and Stretching for Writers

Presenter: PJ Sharon

3:15 pm: Juggling Two Pen Names And Making It Work (and Learn from my Mistakes)

Presenter: Monica Murphy


12:45 pm: Writing a Novel in 30 Days: Tips, Tricks, and Cautions

Presenters: Laura Kaye, Jade Lee, and Rebecca Zanetti

2:00 pm: “Beyond Business: Taking the agency/author relationship into the next era”

Presenters: Deborah Blake, Lucienne Diver, Elaine Spencer, Nalini Singh, Nephele Tempest

4:30 pm: The Trade Secrets of Best-selling Authors

Presenters: Laura Kaye and Jennifer Probst

4:30 pm: Writing with a Partner: What to Consider

Presenters: Susan Scott Shelley, Veronica Forand, and Ursula LeCoeur

See you in New York City!


Laura Kaye

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  1. You left off mine, Laura. I’ll be giving a workshop Thursday at 2 called Beyond Business: Taking the author/agency relationship into a new era.

    Thanks! Deborah Blake

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