Writing Prompt – With a Little Help from “Friends”

Billy-Crystal-Robin-WilliamsHappy Friday. :-) It’s Melissa here (aka Melina).

To kick off the weekend, we’ve got a writing prompt. Don’t be shy. Dive in and give this a shot. It’ll get you warmed up for a weekend of writing, and prompts are a great exercise in learning about your voice.

Not only that, today’s prompt is also an exercise in character building.

It’s also, um, kind of stolen borrowed from a famous scene from Friends.

Have fun!

Write a scene in which your protagonist is in a public space (cafe, park, subway) trying to tell her friends an important story / share some urgent news.

But before she can start, two other people begin having a loud, overly emotional conversation. One of them starts sharing some extremely personal news.

What does your protagonist do? Does she try to keep telling her story over the distracting noise? Does she get her friends to move farther away so she can keep talking? Does she ask the strangers to quiet down? Does she wait patiently for them to stop talking or leave? Is she annoyed or does she eavesdrop in nosy fascination?

Leave your scene in the comments! Stuck? This should help. (Or at least keep you entertained.)

If you’ve got a favorite Friends moment (or Seinfeld moment, or any TV show moment you love) that would make a good writing prompt, let me know.

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