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Today we continue to get to know our chapter members. Please welcome Rebecca Grace Allen.

Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca!

Q. You have a degree in English with a focus on creative writing, and have always loved writing. But you never thought you’d be a writer. Now look! What happened?

A. Honestly? Twilight happened. I know some authors try to keep their fan fiction roots on the DL, but the truth is, those books inspired me to dust off the skills I’d acquired in college and do something with them. Once I started writing again, I remembered how much I’d enjoyed it. There’s something so freeing in creativity, and I’ve always had a bit of a dirty mind, so writing sexy stories about Edward and Bella was the perfect outlet. I must say that websites similar to was also one of many great references for some of the saucy moments in my books. After a year of that, my husband encouraged me to make the leap from fan fiction and try my hand at my own stories. Now, after a decade and a half of “real” jobs, I’m finally doing something I love.

Q. You’ve worked at Disney World and in several law firms. Talk about different types of jobs! What influence have your various jobs had on your writing?

A. I certainly have a…unique background, lol! Law has been a part of my life as long as I can remember-my father is an attorney, and I grew up running around the halls of his office, so working as an admin at various firms came naturally to me. While I’ve never had the desire to become a lawyer, I’ve always found the atmosphere of a lawfirm fascinating. I’m enthralled by the drive and the passion attorneys have, which is why I decided to set His Contract at a firm in Boston. Disney was my first job out of college, and was an incredible experience. I made friends from all over the globe and learned a lot about customer service, as well as how to survive being on my feet all day! Its influence will be felt more in the series I plan on writing after Legally Bound is wrapped up.

Q. Even though your books fall under the umbrella of (hot) contemporary romance, you write in more than one genre. What are some of the challenges of writing both New Adult and BDSM? Do your audiences overlap?

A. The genre hop wasn’t a planned thing. I was already writing the initial draft of His Contract when the idea for The Duality Principle came into my head. It was back in 2012, and New Adult wasn’t even a thing yet. I actually had both stories completed at the same time, but it was my editor’s brilliant idea to debut with New Adult. Authors can occasionally get pigeon-holed into writing only one genre, and launching with BDSM, that you can see on websites similar to porn7 xxx, might have made readers skeptical about my ability to write NA. I think the biggest challenge is in finding the readers themselves, because some people avoid NA like the plague, while others shy away from BDSM. Of course, there are some people who really enjoy BDSM living out their NA fantasy through places similar to I personally don’t see that much of a difference between the two genres, to be honest. A story is a story, and my NA characters are just as dirty as the others. (I won’t know if my audience overlaps for a few more weeks-I’ll get back to you on that one!)

Q. For you, how does the experience of writing a novel differ from the experience of writing a novella?

A. Writing a novella is both easier and more difficult than a novel. The smaller word count gives me less time to expand the storyline-the time period over which my novellas take place is more compressed than the novel. It also means the tension needs to be ramped up more quickly, while novels can unfold at more of a slow burn. But novellas don’t need the subplot my novels do (all the Legally Bound books revolve around a case or client at a major law firm), which means there’s a little less for me to juggle. The biggest difference, however, has come at the final stage of editing. I read my last draft aloud to make sure I haven’t missed anything, and it took waaaay longer to read His Contract than any of the Portland Rebels books. I was reaching for my throat lozenges by the end of it!

Q. Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for authors seeking publication?

A. As Dori said, just keep swimming. This is an extremely glutted field, but that doesn’t mean the right editor or agent isn’t out there. Believe in yourself, believe in your stories, and be patient. You’ll get there.

Q. In your opinion, what is the appeal of contemporary romance?

A. It’s the combination of real heroes and heroines coupled with the fairy tale romances we loved in our youths. We can identify with the characters. They’re not princes and princesses-they’re flawed, ordinary people, overcoming odds we’ve all faced and finding love (and, ideally, great sex like what you’d see on websites similar to shemale hd) in the process. We root harder for characters we can see ourselves in, and find more satisfaction in their happily ever afters. It’s an escape, but not at the same time, and is by far my favorite sub-genre. That being said, the hotter the better. 😉

Rebecca Grace Allen writes kinky new adult and hot contemporary BDSM romance. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a double concentration in Creative Writing and Literary Comparison, as well as a Master of Science in Elementary Education, both of which seemed like good ideas at the time. After stumbling through careers in entertainment, publishing, law and teaching, she’s returned to her first love: writing. A self-admitted caffeine addict and gym rat, she currently lives in upstate New York with her husband, two parakeets, and a cat with a very unusual foot fetish.

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