New Year, New Goals [REPOST]

annekemp~ By Anne Kemp

Note: This was posted one year ago, but the message will always be relevant. 

Happy 2015! Here’s to the New Year…

It’s a time to reflect, take a look at what did and didn’t work last year and a good time to set new intentions for the year to come. Personally, I love taking the first week of the January (yes, I give myself a week to figure it out) to focus on my goals, both professional and personal, and what I really want to accomplish in the next 365 days.

For many of us writer-types, we may decide to set a daily word count we’ll strive to hit or maybe a goal is to be more proactive on our social media (and not wait until we need to promote something before posting!). Some of us will be making it a goal to finish that work in progress and others will be just getting started with their first book – so exciting!!

No matter where you are in the writing process, a new year can be like rewriting our own stories…and why not? Each year, I take a small chalkboard and write down in very specific details everything I want to accomplish. When it’s all done, I put that board on my desk so every time I sit down to work, play or just scroll online I see it. If I feel lazy and don’t want to write, I’ll see that spot on the board where I penciled in “Write 1500 words a day!!” and I’ll know it must be done.

(Sigh….I will do it. Even though everything in me wants to curl up and watch Criminal Minds or Scandal. And the dog needs a walk. Then there’s my laundry….)

For some of us, the art of making a resolution seems daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! There truly are no rules, just the ones we’ve made for ourselves.

Did you make any resolutions or set any goals for the New Year? Feel free to share ‘em in the comments!

Here’s to our best year of writing yet!!!

Anne Kemp is an Amazon Best-Selling Author who writes contemporary romance from her office in Wellington, New Zealand – a far cry from her former life in Los Angeles, California! Anne loves chatting with fellow authors and fans on her Facebook page or you can find her on Twitter @MissAnneKemp

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