On Story – A Chapter Recap


“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.”  ~ Ira Glass

Happy Friday, everyone!

We’re genre writers, which means that the number one thing our readers expect when they pick up one of our books is a great story.

Yes, writing exciting settings and using beautiful language is more than the icing on the cake. But a good romance is all about the story.

Here is what some of our chapter members have to say on the topic.

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Three-Act Structure Made Easy ☺

~ By Susan Meier

Hi, I’m Susan Meier, author of over sixty books. I teach online workshops and also at RWA chapter conferences. At one point, I did a Monday Morning blog on the art and craft of writing. This is a blog from that series.

What is three-act structure?

Simply put, three-act structure is the []

Does A Happily Ever After Require Wedding Bells?

~ By Kristina Matthews

With another celebrity marriage down the tubes, I can’t help but wonder if marriage is even necessary—in books and in real life.

I know there are many couples who are perfectly happy just living together. Many couples have an unintentional pregnancy and don’t even consider marriage before the baby comes, sometimes […]

~ By Sloane B. Collins

What helps me “discover” my story? Do I make playlists? Collages?

The answer to those questions is YES, all of the above.  I struggled for years to finish stories without growing bored from plotting every bit of the books.  Until a couple of years ago I decided to let go []

Tell Me a Story

~ By Addison James

“Tell me a story.”

My Vice President said after we spent an hour with a member of the Board of Directors, scrutinizing nearly every digit in a ten page slide deck. Those digits were the result of a very large spreadsheet which I had created which showed  our results for last []

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