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Hello CRWA Members,

Don’t be shy. Blog for us!

When I look through old posts, I’m always amazed by the collective wealth of knowledge of our chapter members.

Seriously – we could take our posts and turn them into a book on writing contemporary romance. But that’s an idea for another day.

Meanwhile, let’s keep adding to our collection of writing advice and inspiration.

Below is a list of suggested topics by month, but if you’ve got your own idea, that’s great too. You can find more information here.

PANorama posts will appear on the last Sunday of each month, and are a chance for our chapter PAN members (PAN stands for Published Authors Network, a professional designation within RWA open to members who reach a certain level of sales) to visit the blog to share some of their wisdom and expertise. If you’re a PAN Member, please consider volunteering.

If you aren’t able to write a post, there are other ways you can help:

  • Send us a post from your personal blog that we can repost (with a link back to the original).
  • If you’ve posted before, let me know if I can repost what you wrote.
  • Spread the word among your writing community that we are looking for guest posts.
  • Let me know which authors you’d like to see on the blog and I’ll try to make it happen.

If you have any questions, please be in touch!

Please put CRWA Blog 2016 in the subject line of your email.

Thanks! 🙂

Melissa (aka Melina)

melissadespina @


  • Building Strong Internal and External Conflict in Contemporary Romance
  • Character Arc – How to Make Your Characters Grow
  • PANorama — Writing a Series


  • Villains We Love/Despicable Characters
  • Common Contemporary Vocations (Writing the doctor/nurse, military, business mogul / secretary, cowboy, etc.)
  • PANorama – Comedy and Humor


  • Building Strong Internal and External Conflict in Contemporary Romance
  • Types of Conflict in Contemporary Romance Today
  • PANorama – Character Flaws


  • 4th of July – The American Heroes – Writing military/rescue heroes or heroines
  • Conference Tips
  • PANorama – Relationships with Editors and Publishers


  • Research, History, Fact-Finding Missions
  • Including Travel in your Writing
  • PANorama – Story Structure


  • Balancing Your Writing Life / Day Job Life / Family Life
  • Writing Process – Are You a Plotter or Pantser?
  • PANorama – Antogonists. . . Why we need them


  • Preparing for & Surviving NaNoWriMo
  • Halloween – Incorporating Paranormal Elements in Contemporary Romance
  • PANorama – Writing Your Protagonist’s Best Friend


  • Share Your Successful Query Letters
  • Surviving NaNoWriMo / “Don’t Look Down” Drafts
  • PANorama – Writing is Hard. Why Do We Do It?


  • Writing for the Holidays
  • Looking Back at Your Year of Writing

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