Friday Writing Prompt – Inspired by Luke and Lorelai


Happy Friday!

To kick off the weekend, we’ve got a writing prompt.

This week, your protagonist is going on a date and ends up hanging out with someone unexpected.

But the “someone” is “just a friend.”


Don’t be shy. Dive in and give this a shot. It’ll get you warmed up for a weekend of writing, and prompts are a great exercise in learning about your voice.

It’s also, um, kind of stolen borrowed from an episode of Gilmore Girls.

The Scene:

Your best friend is nervous about her first date with her long-time crush.

After much debate, she has finally convinced you to make it a double date by tagging along with her date’s cousin.

Turns out, this cousin the rudest, most whiny man you have ever met. At the restaurant, he does nothing but embarrass you by making immature comments to the waiter about the food.

After dinner, you suggest going somewhere more casual for dessert and coffee, and end up at a diner, where you run into a guy that’s “just a friend.”

Your date, annoyed that the group isn’t doing what he wants to do, leaves.

So as not to intrude on your friend’s date, you sit with your “just a friend.”

He knows exactly what to order for you. He teases you in a kind, affectionate way. He finds a deck of cards and lets you win every game you play by letting you bend the rules.

Meanwhile, you watch your friend, jealous at the site of the beginnings of a relationship.

Leave your scene in the comments! Stuck? This should help. (Or at least keep you entertained.)

The scene this prompt is based on begins at 1:47.


If you’ve got a favorite Gilmore Girls moment (or Friends moment, Seinfeld moment, or moment from any TV show moment you love) that would make a good writing prompt, let me know!

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