Samanthya Wyatt~ By Samanthya Wyatt

Our stories cover a wide range of time periods, but the one thing profoundly rooted in each is family—whether it is a large family or no family members at all. The heart of our stories come from deep emotion concerning family ties. This can be the loss of a family member, a substance abusive mother or father, even caring for a sibling. Some sort of tragedy or desertion of a family member shapes the characters in our books.

A family is defined as a social unit consisting of parents and the children they raise. On parent, two parents, uncles or aunts, a family member somehow has instilled family values pertaining to the character’s structure, function, roles, beliefs, attitudes, and ideals. They can be good or bad, we decide. We choose one for our characters and create a world for them to live in. We don’t always show the details and never early in the book. But we need a foundation for shaping our characters.

Whether Medieval, Victorian, Regency, Civil War or current day, readers become involved with our character’s family background. Maybe an
incident from a century ago is an important fact. Whether tragic or happy, family life is critical. The deeper we go, the more we create a world for our

As with any good story, research, plotting, and planning is a major part of writing a book. All of these are an important part of creating our character. Readers love a hero or heroine who has some sort of tragedy, struggle or sacrifice. Hints weaved throughout the chapters, the more elusive they are given, entices the reader. The reader becomes involved and needs to know the mystery. The more challenging the problem, the more traumatic the incident, draws the reader deeper into our story, creating emotional ties with the characters.

My latest book is all about family. Not only did I become involved in this heart-wrenching saga, but my readers claimed they needed a box of tissues.

As authors, something touches each of us, drives us, pushes us to write that story. I’ve found that developing a character with strong family ties hooks the reader and involves them deeper in any book.

Author of sizzling romance, Samanthya Wyatt currently has books published in contemporary and historical romance. She married a military man, traveled and made her home across the US and abroad, and now lives in the Shenandoah Valley. She loves the beach, her favorite color is blue, has a weakness for vanilla ice cream, and a book is a constant companion.


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