The 5 Podcasts to Inspire and Motivate Every Writer

Liat Behr~ By Liat Behr

Podcasts are a hands-free way to learn new things, especially when you’re on the go. Think of them are your own personal radio show, custom-tailored to both your interests and time-slot. If you aren’t yet listening to them, you should be.

Here are my favorite 4 podcasts that will inspire and motivate every writer.

Magic Lessons With Elizabeth Gilbert

You don’t necessarily have to be a writer to enjoy this podcast. But you do have to be an artist – or one who embraces a creative life.

This podcast is #1 on my list for writers, because as writers we all know what it is to become stuck; we can’t write, we fill with self-loathing, we feel empty, vapid and don’t believe in our creative abilities.These feelings weigh us down and pull us into a downward vortex from which it seems impossible to extricate ourselves. But it’s Elizabeth Gilbert to the rescue. Through her Magic Lessons podcast, and her interviews with amateur writers, artists and even experts, we’re better able to understand the process of creativity which helps us learn to be more patient with ourselves and ultimately helps us crawl out from the depths of despair and triumph to the pinnacles of our creativity.

The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn is the inspiring and motivating podcast from author and entrepreneur, Joanna Penn. It sometimes takes time for Joanna to actually start the interview because she very sweetly acknowledges her listeners’ comments on social media – usually Twitter (so, yes, if you enjoy the podcast take the time to let Joanna know – @thecreativepenn). But when Joanna does get to the podcast, it’s sheer value. You will always learn something new. Joanna meets with different guests -authors, entrepreneurs and other creatives, and together they tackle discussions on the writing process, writing techniques, nifty tools, tips and other helpful information that will inspire and motivate you to become more efficient, productive and better writer.

This Portfolio Life

earbuds in vaseThis Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins is  another podcast for creatives, not necessarily writers. But it’s definitely a podcast every writer needs to be listening to.

The crux of the podcast is that as creatives our portfolio consists of many different activities. And that to be a successful creative you must consistently create. So you may writing in addition to creating images (if you’re a photographer or graphic designer) and blogging and travelling – or any number of different things that make up your life. Jeff Goins, master blogger and writer chats with creatives to learn how they’re making a living from their life’s portfolio, talks about their passions and struggles. Listening to this podcast you’ll gain insight and perspective into making your work and our world more rich and exciting.

Writing Excuses 

Writing Excuses is the podcast with the most comic tagline – “fifteen minutes long, because you’re in a hurry and we’re not smart.” The real reason that Writing Excuses is short (a bit longer than 15 minutes but not usually longer than 25) is because listening to this podcast is a great writing excuse – but it’s a short writing excuse to remind you that you took a break from writing only to get back to it with renewed energy. Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells and Howard Tayler are knowledgeable, intelligent, and entertaining. They do their listeners a great service by discussing different elements of the story – what works and what doesn’t, conducting great interviews, and fielding questions from their audience – but not all at the same time. You can however consistently count on them for a thoughtful and inspiring prompt as well as a book recommendation.


Longform was recommended to me by my friend and columnist Tiffanie Wen. It’s a podcast of compelling conversations with journalists, authors and editors. At times it  focuses on reporting experiences, other times it will give you a rich insider’s view of the writing life. Alternating Longform hosts Aaron Lammer, Max Linsky and Evan Ratliff are skilled interviewers. And every single time you finish listening to this podcast, you will walk away feeling fascinated, excited and inspired to keep writing. Because though the writer’s life is not a glamorous one, it is exciting and authentic living that will always lead to surprises.

I know I said 4, but here’s a bonus podcast from Melina (aka Melissa):

How Story Works

How Story Works, hosted by author and teacher Lani Diane Rich, is just one of the many podcasts produced by Chipperish Media. Any podcast from Chipperish will spark your imagination, improve your craft, and teach you about story.

But How Story Works delivers bite-sized writing tips and answers your burning questions about storytelling in a straight to the point format.

Note: While you’re checking out Chipperish Media, grab a drink and listen to Will Write for Wine, the podcast that started Lani’s podcasting empire. You’ll learn as much about craft as you would from graduate school, but you’ll laugh your heart out while you’re studying.

Trust me.

* Do you listen to podcasts? Which have helped you? *

Liat Behr is a copywriter, novelist, and blogger. When she’s not writing she’s either reading, learning a new skill or listening to a podcast. Her evening hours are devoted to her family who love her pizza and sushi but hate just about everything else. You can visit her on her blog – The Behr Truth at

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