Spooky Noise in the Dark Bathroom

Jeff Salter~ By Jeff Salter

We writers tend to have vivid imaginations… especially when it’s night time and we’re alone in the house. This is a true story from May of 2014. See if you can figure out the actual solution to this mystery. OR… how would you WRITE the solution?

Tap…clack-click. Tap…clack-click.

My ears are more finely tuned to spooky unknown sounds at night when my wife is out of town.

I had just gotten into bed, around midnight, when I heard this repeated eerie sound, Tap…clack-click. It seemed to be coming from the bathroom, the door of which I had just closed (as I always do before retiring).


It wasn’t King Sipper (our cat), because he was up on the bed beside me.

dark doorwayTap…clack-click.

It was not a distant train.


Turned off my ‘white noise’ machine and listened closely.


It was definitely coming from the bathroom, and apparently from the other side of the door my face was presently pressed against. I don’t know Morse, but I knew this was no S-O-S. But what was it?


 — —

 Here are some of the suggested solutions to my mystery that I’ve already received. Add yours to the mix and I’ll return later tonight (or tomorrow morning) to tell y’all the REAL solution.

* walls cooling down

* tap dancing cockroach

* dripping faucet

* battery operated grandkid’s toy

* branch tapping against a window

* Poe’s story, “The Tell-Tale Heart,” come to life

* And my favorite of the suggested solutions: attempted communication from aliens who use the old-fashioned “tap….clack-click” language.

Add your possible solution in the comments section and I’ll return later tonight (or tomorrow morning) to tell y’all the REAL solution.

As we authors are composing scenes, let’s not be too quick to end them prematurely. Sometimes the characters can take us in a totally different direction.

Jeff Salter, who has written 12 novels and five novellas, already has 14 fiction titles released with three royalty publishers. His most recent is “The Duchess of Earl” released in mid-July by Clean Reads. Two more titles are due out this year and he has several works in progress.

8 thoughts on “Spooky Noise in the Dark Bathroom”

  1. Steve VanHorn

    A mouse trying to free it’s tail from a mouse trap….. Though I think that sound is more like a “clack-click…..tap”.

    1. excellent guess, Steve.
      But not applicable in this case.
      No mouse, no tail, no trap.
      Just the dreaded tap-clack-click … over and over… in the dark gloomy bathroom.
      And me home alone at night…….

  2. Donna VanHorn

    Having an investigative mind, I have more questions……
    Did the noise continue through the night? If it stopped, I would assume a battery had eventually died.
    Is your hot water heater in your bathroom (as our’s is)? It tends to make all sorts of sounds.
    Oh well, I’ll make a guess…..Perhaps you have a battery operated clock in the bathroom. They sometimes make noises as the second hand progresses around.

    1. Thanks for posting your guess.
      No, the noise stopped once I figured out what was causing it.
      NOT related to a battery.
      Not the hot water heater.
      Not the clock.

  3. What happens at my house is the cat brings in bugs, mice, rats, birds, lizards, moths and when he tires of them, he just lets them go. So, I’ll say a three-legged tarantula. Yes, we have them on California’s central coast.

    1. hmmm. A 3-legged tarantula? Remind me not to visit you after all. YIKES.
      Bugs, mice, rats, birds, lizards, moths are all good guesses… but not correct in this particular case.
      Keep guessing.

  4. Tonette Joyce

    I wish I remembered what it was…I am wracking my brain!
    We had a similar situation in the main bathroom in my house about two months ago. Tapping noise in the wall, freaking me out, then it happened when my granddaughters were there, which tripled the freak-out factor.
    The Husband could not find it in the bathroom…behind…the…wall…
    He came to believe that somehow it was related to our heat pump, but, we had been in the house for 22 1/2 years and the heatpump is about 12 years old, with never a tap before.
    The noise has just as mysteriously disappeared, despite heatpump use. OOOOOOOOOwh!

    1. yes, water pipes make a lot of noise… as do some HVAC systems.
      Though neither are the correct answer to this particular mystery.
      I thought you might recall this incident from when I previously posted it on FB.
      BTW, I was not able to delete the first of these duplicate posts of yours.
      If one of the ADMINs reads this, perhaps they will help us out.

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