Chapter Service Opportunities – A Message From President Casey Clipper

Casey ClipperDear Chapter Members,

RWA chapters are the heart and soul of the Romance Writers of America, in my opinion. They’re the backbone of the organization. They’re where authors and writers dig into the trenches of their work. They’re the place where members get to mingle with each other and get that much needed and craved interaction with our tribe. And there are so many chapters to choose from within RWA.

Contemporary, suspense, YA, paranormal, erotic, historical, local and national chapters all make up a wide variety for members to join. And with each chapter comes its own set of perks. Not every chapter is the same. Not every chapter offers the same benefits. Which is great because a writer and author can get the most out of their RWA membership with these different chapters.

But chapters cannot survive without volunteers. Whether it’s an executive board position or a non-voting board position, every chapter needs your help to thrive and survive. Smaller chapters may only need executive board positions while the larger chapters need various positions to help it with all the events they have for members.

The Contemporary Romance Writers chapter had been in limbo for a few years but luckily with the new board in place, and bringing things under control, we’re looking to expand our non-voting board personnel and we need your help. Our executive board has done a fantastic job turning the chapter around in such a short period of time and I cannot say enough about their hard work. Each one of these ladies should be commended and I ask you, when you see them or have any interaction with them online, to thank them for their hard work.

But, like you, the executive board members are also writers and have lives outside of writing that need our attention. With all that we’d love to offer the chapter, we need your help to not only give these items the proper, full attention they deserve but we also need to know when to say when, as board members who have personal lives. The following are non-voting board positions that we’re looking to fill for the 2018 year. Each one of these positions is a 1 year term.

  • PRO Liaison
  • PAN Liaison
  • Stiletto Contest Committee Chair
  • Stiletto Party Chair
  • Critique Group Chair
  • CRW MyRWA Forum Chair (new)
  • CRW Writing Retreat Chair (new)
  • CRW Website Mistress/Master (new)

Some of these positions we’re looking for are new in order to help create new opportunities for all CRW members. Some of these positions aren’t new but haven’t been filled or utilized in years. We’re looking to change that so we can make each area of the chapter thrive to its fullest extent. But we cannot do it without your help.

We had excellent volunteers for the Stiletto Contest this year and each volunteer, because of their service, was nominated for the CRW Chapter Service Award by the CRW Board of Directors. This is also something new to the chapter that we’re excited to implement. Chapter volunteers should be recognized for giving their time. And we hope to be able to nominate you next year for your service.

What’s involved in chairing a non-voting board position? Well, you won’t have to attend the executive board meetings that are held quarterly. We will ask you to attend at least 2 board meetings to keep the board up-to-date on the status of events with your position. What’s convenient is the meetings are held online, so you don’t even have to leave your living room. Yay! Some of these positions aren’t even year round positions. Some are simply about relaying important information to the CRW chapter members. 

If you might be interested in chairing one of the positions above, please feel free to email me at

We’re looking to really expand the Contemporary Romance Writers chapter and hope that you’ll help us in the endeavor to make this chapter one of the best in the RWA.

Casey Clipper


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