Top Five Reasons You Should Enter the Stiletto Contest

~ By Mary E. Thompson

The 2018 Stiletto Contest is open now! If you’ve been on the fence about entering, we have a few suggestions for you to push you over the edge!

5. You’re looking for an agent or editor.

We have some great agents and editors for the final round of judging for the unpublished category. Getting your name in front of them and showing them what you can do is the first step toward a contract! (Obviously, no contracts are guaranteed by the Stiletto Contest or CRW.)

New this year, any published author can enter the unpublished category as long as the story is unpublished, first in a series or standalone, and not under contract. (Read all Stiletto contest rules here.) Get those manuscripts ready to go!

4. You want feedback on your story.

Feedback is something we all need. It gives you a peek into a reader’s mind, but a judge is an experienced reader who knows how to craft a story. Our judges give constructive feedback on every score below 4.0 / 5. You’ll know exactly what the judge liked, and didn’t like, about your story.

3. The Stiletto is a great contest.

If you write contemporary romance, you’re in great company when you enter the Stiletto Contest. Put on by Contemporary Romance Writers, the Stiletto Contest celebrates the best in contemporary romance. You won’t want to miss it!

2. You love contests.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! Contests are a big stepping stone for the unpublished, and a big boost for the published. Every contest you enter will give you something back. As a finalist, it’s a huge honor to carry around that reward. Even entering will help you to see your book through the eyes of other writers. And judging gives you the chance to help out with a contest. There’s no downside to entering a contest!

And the number one reason you should enter the 2018 Stiletto Contest…

1. You have a great book!

You know you have an amazing book. We know you have an amazing book. So enter the contest now and show everyone how good your story is!

The 2018 Stiletto Contest is open for entries now!

Submit your entry here, and join all the finalists at the Stiletto Party at RWA Nationals in Denver on July 20 when the winners are announced! Tickets are on sale now.

We’ll see you there!

Mary E. Thompson writes scintillating stories with a side of hope. She reenergizes every year with a trip to Nationals, and every month at her local chapter meeting. When Mary isn’t writing, she cheers on her daughter at gymnastics and her son at every other sport. Mary is lucky to have her own romance novel worthy husband to tag-team if things get too crazy. Visit her website at to learn more.

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