The Name Game — A Friday Writing Prompt

Jeff SalterBy Jeff Salter

Happy Friday!

Jeff is back with another writing prompt to get you warmed up for a weekend full of writing.

We hope you have fun with this.

Thank you, Jeff!

Through a social media promotional campaign, 31 people discover they have the same name —first, last, and middle initial.

Several of them hook-up with each other – on a lark – so they can exchange information on who named them, who they were named for, where they are from, when they were born, etc. It’s cool and fun to see how they are so different, yet each has the same name.

But after about six weeks, somebody – possibly, but not necessarily, one of them – reveals a terrible SECRET about one of them. Nobody can guess which one it pertains to… and everyone fears the others will think it’s them.

likeA few of the 31 – who totally believe the allegation – begin to act like bullies… trying to dislodge the identity of that individual with the terrible secret.

But most of the 31 – who suspect the allegation is false – band together to try to identity the originator of the alleged secret and put out of commission the one they see as a vicious lie-spreader.

The remainder of the 31 appear to huddle fearfully on the fringe… hoping not to be pegged by either group and yet having no idea if the allegation is true (or who started circulating it).

Lots of directions to go with this premise. And here are some questions for you to consider:

  1. Is the alleged secret… true or false?
  2. In which group is the individual who originated the rumor?
  3. In which group is the person that secret is about?
  4. If you happened to be among these 31, which group would YOU be in?

* Leave a comment and let us know what you’ve come up with! *

Jeff Salterwho has written 12 novels and five novellas, already has 15 fiction titles released with three royalty publishers. His most recent is “Not Easy Being Android” released in Februaryby TouchPoint RomanceAt least one more title is due out this year and he has several works in progress.

1 thought on “The Name Game — A Friday Writing Prompt”

  1. The concept for this prompt came to me just the other day, as I stumbled upon a five-year old FB post from a fellow author. Don’t recall (now) what had led to this brief exchange, but she mentioned that one day she’d discovered there were some 30 people on FB who had her same name. In a combination of curiosity and (perhaps research), she attempted to contact each of them. Most responded and some became regular contacts. A few, of course, ignored her.
    As I was mulling that real-life situation, I got to thinking, “What if…?”

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