The Stiletto Awards Party, RWA 2018 in Denver

Liza Keogh~ By Liza Keogh

The best thing about holding an awards ceremony? Finally seeing many of the faces behind the email addresses and meeting the writers behind the submissions!

The 2018 Stiletto Awards Ceremony started with Casey Clipper handing out the Chapter Service Awards. The three members in attendance—Stephanie Haefner, Mary Flournoy, and Teri Anne Stanley—are pictured here.

Chapter Service AwardThe other members who received the award are Kimberley Ash, Laura Ashwood, and Jessie Scott. You will probably notice all of them were fearless, intrepid, and hard-working Category Coordinators for the 2018 contest. #TeamStiletto!

There were eight awards given out, and you can find them here on the website. There was a raffle for some RWA swag Casey’s been hoarding, and certificates for awesome things like editorial services.

There was food and drinks, and so, so much chatting and laughter. And that, to me, was the best thing about the awards ceremony, and the entire RWA conference. The connections being made and strengthened.

Board MembersWhile our contest is one of the newer ones, it has enormous potential (kind of like each of us does, right?). With input from members—nurturance, guidance, questions, suggestions—this contest will grow to serve our chapter, and writers and authors outside the chapter.

Now that more and more of us are putting faces to the names we see so often, my hope is that personal connection will create a stronger sense of community, and heighten the desire to become a vital part of CRW, and the RWA.

I’m looking forward to being part of the process.

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