Writers are Superheroes

Rita Henuber~ By Rita Henuber

Writers are superheroes.

Their superpowers are: Imagination, Curiosity, and Creativity.

IMO, superpowers we all need to write our stories.

This week, I’ll be sharing my thought s on each of these powers

Today I’ll begin with: The Imagination Super Power

In the top five questions authors are asked is: “Where do you get your stories?” 

For a while when I was asked this I quickly said, “the Amazon story store.”  I mean, Amazon sells live ladybugs and rents goats, why not sell stories?  But alas, I had to stop because too many asked me for the link. 

Here’s the real skinny.

Writers are blessed/cursed with wild, vivid imaginations capable of great things.  I firmly believe imagination is everything to a writer. Imagining is our superpower.  It’s a way to preview life’s coming attractions. It’s the ability to change the past in our mind’s eye.

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” I’m not going to argue with Al.

Back to the, “where do you get stories” question. The correct answer is writers get stories everyplace. Through our senses, into our minds, we ingest the world around us then reshape it all into new images in our imagination.   

book and keyRecently my imagination was triggered by The Bureau of Land Management seeking volunteers to spend the summer in the middle of nowhere Montana in an abandoned haunted town.  Not happening for me but, my mind took me to an abundance of romance possibilities and spooky stuff.

Then there’s the abandoned and boarded up Baker hotel in Mineral Springs TX.  A big ole empty hotel just sitting there. I imagined a story about a group of mystery writers spending the weekend. I even came up with a last sentence for the book. “How would you rate your stay at the Baker Hotel?”   

And songs. For me songs are writing prompts. Take Ray Stevens’ DEAD SKUNK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. I immediately thought of a squished ex sprawled across the double yellow line. A hot detective convinced the ex-wife killed the skunk.

Who but an author can admire an ancient oak and imagine couples from every time period falling in love under the spreading branches? Then wonder how many bodies the roots are embracing.

I believe authors are a special breed. Every day we fade into the alternate world of books. Those written by others and the ones we’re writing. We extend our arms, put our fingers to the keyboard and imagination flows, letter by letter, across the screen. We can imagine anything and happily share what we conjure up with the world. 

I use my imagination to write the Under Fire series about extraordinary women and the men they love. Military heroines. A Coast Guard helicopter pilot. A Coast Guard admiral. A Marine Corps Intelligence officer. A Federal agent who works closely with Special Ops men. Women at the top of their field in a man’s world. They don’t want a man to take care of them or distract from the lives they’ve chosen. They want a man who will accept them for who. An addition to their lives. A man to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in their adventures.

Last year my imagination got the best of me and I published Let Me Tell You a Story.  A collection of eight twisted and tattered tales from the odd side. It felt amazing to finally free these characters from my mind and put them on the page. 

BTW I now answer the question, “where do ideas come from”, with a huge smile and say, “I imagine every single one of them.”

Where has your imagination taken you today?  Or, where has an author’s imagination taken you today? 

Come back Wednesday for Part 2: Curiosity

Rita grew up on Florida’s east coast. She married a Marine and feels fortunate to have lived many places and traveled to the states and countries she didn’t live. She writes about extraordinary women and the men they love weaving her experiences into contemporary fiction and suspense thrillers.

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2 thoughts on “Writers are Superheroes”

  1. So true! Our imaginations are limitless and free to not only make new worlds but to bring people to them to explore snd exist in ways they never imagined. Fantastic superpower reminder!

  2. Such a great blog post and so incredibly true. I can take kernel of something (usually a line in a song) and create an entire story from it. ?

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