Today’s Superpower is Curiosity

Rita Henuber~ By Rita Henuber

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Author’s professional curiosity is a huge subject on many levels. It begins with, can I write a book? Should I write a book? How do I write a book? Flash forward to a truckload of how do I promote and gain new reader questions.

I believe an author’s personal curiosity keeps the joy in writing. It ignites the imagination and fuels the creativity tank.

Curiosity isn’t just asking questions, it’s challenging yourself to come up with your own discoveries. Please. Please. When you do ask questions, don’t be an ask hole.

DefinitionAsk Hole– one who takes your time asking a million questions and not only doesn’t listen to the answer, but if asking for advice, has no intention of taking it. 

In asking questions be prepared for the answers you may receive. I asked a couple married 60 years a simple question. When did you first know you were in love? The couple had never told each other and their answers had everyone in the room tearing.     

The curiosity superpower will take you places. Not like in horror movies when the dude goes out into a dark and stormy night to see what’s howling. Like asking a perfect stranger in line at the Post Office a question that can lead to a romance or lifelong friendship. Riding the subway in a big city on your own for the first time. Calling the apiary to find out how they get bees to give up their pollen. I still haven’t gotten an answer to that one. 

Being curious gives you the courage and confidence to step out of your comfort zone. Even if it’s a tiny bit and for the briefest moment it can take you to the next level with new experiences to use in your writing.

half of open bookSchedule a day, few hours, an hour, to question everything like a joyous five-year-old. Finding the fun and joy in your life carries over into your writing.

Use curiosity to wake up your senses. Take a ‘feel’ trip. Invite friends. Touch everything you see. Well, not hot stuff and not guys. High-end department stores, craft stores, and garden centers are great for this. When you write about the silk duvet on the heroine’s bed you’ll smile remembering exactly how it looked and felt when you flopped on it at the chi-chi boutique. Equate the wool textures from the craft store with your hero’s sweater. You won’t have to imagine how the heroine’s fingers feel as they drift over his sleeve. You will know. Finger flower petals and leaves. They have an incredible lush feeling. Leaves can release a surprising scent. Instead of the heroine stomping through the lavender, you can use lemon balm, geraniums or any other scented plants you discover. 

Talking scent, do an experiment to find which is more alluring to the Y chromosome homo sapiens in your life. Does bacon, stink bait, or a slightly spicy Jo Malone scent dabbed behind the ear drive them crazy? I found it broke down to the first two depending on how hungry and how close to the weekend it was. Really, a guy will follow you anywhere if smell like bacon.   

Are you curious and courageous enough to taste python pizza?  Find out if eel is really that nasty. I say yes. It is nasty. Does a hot dog taste as good without the bun? That’s a big NO for me. How many shots of grappa does it take to make you drunk?

My curiosity led me to a bee pollen hijacker who slams back grappa with python pizza and carries bacon in her purse to attract men.

Where does it take you?

Come back Friday for Part 3: Creativity 

Rita grew up on Florida’s east coast. She married a Marine and feels fortunate to have lived many places and traveled to the states and countries she didn’t live. She writes about extraordinary women and the men they love weaving her experiences into contemporary fiction and suspense thrillers.

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  2. Python pizza??? I’ll take your word for it. LOL. Thanks for another great post reminding us to stop and be curious ?

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