Don’t Wait Another Minute! The Stiletto Contest is Closing.

~ By Mary E. Thompson

Don’t Wait Another Minute!

The 2019 Stiletto Contest closes in just two days! What are you waiting for?

Have you seen the categories? There are eight for you to pick from, whether you are an as-yet unpublished writer, a published author, or an author with an unpublished manuscript! Our category selection means there’s a really good chance your manuscript or novel will fit in somewhere.

Did you know…?

In the 2018 Stiletto Contest, almost 40% of the unpublished entries were submitted the last two days the contest was open!

Almost 20% of entries went on to be finalists. Those are pretty good odds!

As of today, we have 12% fewer unpublished entries than we did last year.

All our categories except one have enough entries to move forward. And the category that doesn’t is only one entry short! That means if you are thinking of entering but don’t want to get shuffled somewhere else, you won’t.

Also, we’re not capping any categories this year, so if you’re worried you missed your chance, you haven’t.

Still debating?

We get it. It’s a big deal. Entering a contest can be stressful, but the Stiletto Contest is monitored so comments are constructive and helpful to the author. All scores below a 4 (out of 5) require a comment explaining why the judge gave the score. You’ll get great feedback from every entry so you know where you can make improvements.

New this year, we have implemented a Judge Oversight Committee. The purpose of the committee is to review the scores of every single entry. Our intention is to watch for variances in scores. We want to make sure all entries are judged fairly and have taken this step to assure that is the case.

Don’t have an entry?

Maybe you’re writing like crazy but don’t have anything ready. Or you’ve already published everything you’ve written, but it was in 2019 instead of 2018. Or you can’t wait until the finalists are announced to published your unpublished entry. Or anything. But you still want to help.

You can!

We need judges! Go to to register as a judge for the Stiletto Contest. Judges must be RWA members in good standing, either PAN, PRO, or General members. You can judge if you plan to enter, or if you don’t. You have the option to opt-out of categories you don’t like to read, and can choose how many entries you will judge. You’ll get a chance to check out some new-to-you authors and help out CRW at the same time. That sounds like a win-win to me!

Have you entered the 2019 Stiletto Contest yet?

Mary E. Thompson is an author of more than 40 contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels. Her curvy heroines and sexy heroes steal the hearts of her readers and make them wish her characters were real. Mary is also the co-chair (with Liza Keogh) of the 2019 Stiletto Contest. Read more about Mary and her books at, where it’s a curvy road to happily ever after. 

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