The Garden Tea – A Friday Writing Prompt

Happy Friday! And happy spring! ?

We figured this would be the perfect time for a writing prompt.


garden sceneYour protagonist, in addition to being busy with a fulfilling yet exhausting career, really loves to cook and bake. She has a new apartment that she really loves, and she’s especially proud of the private patio which she has filled with flowers in beautiful pots.

To celebrate being all set up in her new place, and to celebrate the beginning of spring and end of a long winter, she decides to host a Sunday lunch at her antique picnic table.

And she decides to invite a former neighbor that, well, she wouldn’t exactly mind seeing again.

But right as her lemon curd is thickening on the stove and her famous rolls are half-baked and rising in the oven, the electricity goes out, and she can’t find the building’s circuit breaker.

She’s also got a rebellious dog with a mind of his own.

Her guests are arriving in an hour.

Your task: Write a scene describing what happens to her food and how the meal goes. Does she hide her stress and fatigue? Does the dog behave? 

Most importantly, what happens with the former neighbor?

Give this a try! And feel free to leave your scene in the comments.

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Here’s to a great, writing-filled weekend. ?

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