November 1-29, 2020 via Google io groups

Want to know what it feels like to be hit? Come find out. This class discusses information directly from interviews with fighters, police, soldiers, and emergency medical personnel. This class doesn’t teach how to punch, it teaches what it feels like to be hit, how if feels to recover, warrior mentality, and what various other wounds and injuries feel and look like. It is appropriate for all genres. 
Fights are like making love as far as evoking emotion. If done properly, a reader can tell more about a character in those few minutes than they can in several paragraphs or even chapters worth of backstory. This class is to give authors insight into the various story-enhancing opportunities they have in fight scenes. This class teaches authors to present more than just a thrown punch or ringing slap. It shows them how to research and exploit the emotional aspects of confrontations to add as many emotion invoking tools to their writers tool box  as possible to create detailed realistic fiction.

Available as a one hour and fifteen to one and a half hour in-person class if in the Seattle Area, a one to one and a half webcast presentation for any other area or a four week web/loop class.


Merien writes dark Regency romance to captivate readers who want stories about passionate affairs between alluring women and men of science and substance.

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