March 1-14, 2020



Cut the Chaos and Find Your Muse: Active Rest for Creatives
Too utterly exhausted to write or create anything at all? Three years ago, I was in a serious accident and sustained a brain injury. I had to learn how to let my brain rest from time to time if I wanted it to heal. I quickly learned I had the concept of “rest” completely wrong. Figuring out how to give your brain the space it needs to rest and work properly is not as obvious as it seems. I received an entire education from various professionals on how to examine my life and find my way to a little peace, less chaos, and healing. The unexpected bi-product of that experience was I became far more productive and creative than I ever was before the accident. In this class, I will pass along some of those processes and fresh perspectives to help identify and cut chaos and emotional burdens. I will also present some background and science behind the quiet historical subculture of genius creatives that have mastered the process of rest, proving that more rest doesn’t mean less art, inspiration, or progress.

About The Instructor:

Merien spent a decade traveling the world as a military intelligence analyst. She has multiple degrees specializing in Anthropology, Sociology, English, and Communications Technology.  She is currently a member of the RWA national ethics committee. The last ten years she been an active volunteer with several RWA chapters, to include board member, board liaison, webmistress, and conference committee positions.  Merien lives in the shadow of Mount Rainier with her husband, incorrigibly lazy dog, and a little one who rules the land with an iron hand at least until bedtime.