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Meeting called to order at 2:01 PM CT.


Nicole Locker (president)
Katrina Marie (VP of Communications)
Michelle Orloff (VP of Programs)
Melanie Greene (Past President)

NOT in attendance but reports sent ahead of the meeting by:
Jennifer Noseworthy (VP of Workshops)

NOT in attendance but reports sent after meeting by:
Cheryl Barton (Secretary)
Stephanie Derbas (Treasurer)

Minutes of Last Board Meeting

Minutes of last meeting approval: Michelle moves to approve, Katrina seconds, all in favor.


President’s Report

Report provided by Nicole Locker.

  • Spring Mentor Program: low turnout this round.  Only 3 requests for mentor, and we have 3 mentor volunteers.
    • Mariah Ankenman is matching. 
    • Matches will begin in April and commence in June after 8 weeks.
    • Fall Mentor Program will be in September 2022. 
  • Begin thinking about board positions for 2023.
    • Who wants to reprise their positions or move to another board position, and which positions do we need to begin recruiting for.
    • Board elections October 16-30, 2022
  • Next board meeting: July 9, 2022 (AGM)
    • Pitch event agent/editor interest?
      • Kathy Wheeler no longer able to coordinate due to personal matters.
      • Michelle and Melanie are going to create a one-pager to send to the Stiletto agent/editor contacts to see who can participate in the Pitch event at the summer virtual conference.
      • Melanie found a feature on Hopin that allows scheduled meetings that we may be able to use for our Pitch event at the conference.
  • Q4 board meeting: November 13, 2022
  • November 13: Q4 Board Meeting
  • Other reminders: 
    • November 1: Novel Celebration opens
    • November 1: File 990N (filed by president)

Treasurer’s Report

Report provided by Stephanie Derbas.

Audit Committee Review status?


Secretary’s Report

Report provided by Cheryl Barton:

Current member count: 292

New Memberships:February – 19
March – 24
April – 21

VP of Programs Report

Report provided by Michelle Orloff.

  •  Stiletto
    • Moved into the judging phase!!
    • Smooth transition so far, no problematic entries reported so far.
    • Condensed number of categories.
    • Entries are down this year from last year. 67 total entries.  (Last year, we remember being in the 80s).
  • Virtual Conference
    • Pitch event plans listed in President report. 
    • Full lineup of speakers booked at this time. Event is completely planned out.
    • 3 speakers still need to return the speaker contracts.
    • Hopin upgrade occurred on April 1, 2022.
    • Ready to begin promoting registrations to CRW and outside contacts/social media.
      • Nicky will make a Holler Box graphic for the CRW website. 
      • Katrina will begin posting on CRW social media accounts.
      • Let speakers know they can begin promoting the event as well.
    • Door prizes: some have been donated, we will continue to request more. 
    • Melanie is going to look into putting the Virtual Conference on Eventbrite.
  • Western Retreat
    • October 21-23, 2022 with speaker Laurie Schnebly Campbell in San Diego, CA
    • We have enough details now that we can begin taking registrations
    • Tu Quyen sent Nicky a list of questions to go in the registration form.
      • Nicky will create the registration form and put that in the next Member Newsletter.
    • Hilton Garden Inn San Diego Downtown/Bayside booked for the event.
  • Eastern Retreat
    • September 16-19, 2022 in Nashville, TN (no speaker)
    • We have the agreement/contract ready to sign from Embassy Suites Airport location in Nashville.
      • Nicky will sign that and fill out the payment info.
    • Conference room over 2 days will cost $955
      • If 12 people attend, that will come out to $79.58 
      • Early bird $79, raise to $99 August 1, 2022
    • Nicky will get the registration form created and also shared in the next Member Newsletter

VP of Workshops Report

Report provided by Jennifer Noseworthy.

Profits from workshops

  • January – $200
  • February – $115
  • March (only 3 workshops, not 4) – $235

First-quarter total: $550

Jo Ann Brown/Ferguson – canceled August workshop – family issues. I’ve replaced her with Sarah Allan’s workshop on demystifying the editing process.

Eventbrite – I need our bank information to finish setting up the direct deposit -or- who to forward the Eventbrite email to, so they can update it. We have $40 waiting to be deposited.

VP of Communications Report

Report provided by Katrina Marie.

  • Camp Nano
    • Katrina wants to send a poll on Slack or FB to see how many people participate in the Camp Nano events.
  • Communications are going out to whoever they go to. 
  • Sometimes emails come in on the weekends with people registered for a webinar having an issue. Probably need to direct people who register to Webinars to contact a certain person/email if they have trouble logging on so that they can be responded to timely. 

Committee Reports

No committee reports at this time.

Business Matters

  • Disaffiliation update: 
    • Still waiting on Secretary of State filing updates. Not much progress there. 
    • Attorney has reviewed bylaws and returned a suggested revision.
      • Finalize and have members vote
      • At some point we’ll need to pay the attorney and ask about next steps
      • Nicky will share to Slack on Google Docs so that everyone can give final comments before we move forward.
  • PNC Update: 
    • Melanie was removed and Nicole added in February 2022. 
      • Debit card updated, Nicole has updated payment info on hopefully everything the chapter had recurring payments pulling from the debit card. 


New Business

No new business to report at this time.

Meeting Adjourned

Meeting adjourned at 03:01 PM CT.