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Meeting called to order at 2:08 PM.


Melanie Greene
Katrina Marie
Ainsley St. Claire
Kathy Wheeler
Nicole Locker
Michelle Orloff
Jennifer Noseworthy
Cheryl Barton
Stephanie Derbas

Minutes of Last Board Meeting

Minutes of last meeting approval: who moves, who seconds, all in favor?


President Report

VP Workshops Report

VP Communications Report

Secretary Report

Treasurer Report

Old Business

Disaffiliation from RWA Updates

  • Remove non members from FB group – Katrina will do
  • Reimburse Mel for Texas Sec of State fees if her checks have been cashed

2021 Programs Review

Stiletto Contest

New Business

Welcome 2022 Board

Set 2022 Budget

Set dates for Stiletto Contest and Virtual Summer Conference

President’s Report

Delay and comment as we go through

Treasurer’s Report

  • Balances as of 11/21/21 
    • PNC = $36,040.58
    • PayPal = $2,076.70
  • Doesn’t have P&L yet. 
  • Will get notifications sent to treasurer email
  • Will have P&L done by end of year
  • Will contact Stephanie (2022 Treasurer) about Quickbooks
  • Will get new treasure email account set up

Secretary’s Report

  • At the end of October we had 212 members. 
  • As of today we have: 256
  • Some issues w/ membership login, but we have things figured out.

VP of Programs Report

VP of Workshops Report

  • Lots to report
  • Workshops have brought in $6585.00
  • Paid $3342.50 to instructors
  • Need to calculate November
  • Only 1 workshop left to schedule for 2022
  • Has things set up and streamlined
  • General track
  • One advanced track
  • One members only workshop per month (except July & December) – all workshops will be instructor led

VP of Communications Report

  • Doesn’t have much to report
  • Tanya done a fabulous job with social media
  • Thinks it could be broken up to volunteers & recommends having assistance
  • Created folders for emails

Committee Reports

Business Matters

Disaffiliation from RWA Updates

  • Remove non members from FB group – Katrina will do
  • Reimburse Mel for Texas Sec of State fees if her checks have been cashed
  • When get information from SOS will start the big IRS forms
  • Need to do: 
    • Policy Manual & By-Laws
    • Haven’t gotten anything from member about what we have
    • Doesn’t think there are major problems but need to decide what we want to do. 
      • Mel will contact a Texas Non-Profit lawyer – will hold vote on amount to spend at later date when we have a quote
    • Make sure the Policy Manual is in shape before we send it in for review
    • Conflict of Interest & Code of Ethics are ready to go as is
    • Paypal & PNC – waiting for IRS and Secretary of State to see if we need to do anything with our bank accounts
    • Need to remove RWA from everything


2021 Programs Review:


Stiletto Contest:

  • Finalist feedback re: ownvoices and reviewing final round feedback –
    • need to review final round of judge comments
    • add subjective writing info to form page
    • maybe add short bio or synopsis for final round entries
  • Begin search for final judges for 2022
  • Need 2022 coordinator


  • Detailing format and length of manuscript sent to mentor

New Business

Welcome 2022 Board

  • Appoint committee chairs 
    • will be contacting who could lead up committees, need more volunteers for workshops
  • Transition / shadowing updates
    • contact replacement in next couple of weeks for shadowing, be available for question for 2022
  • Possible retreat ideas
    • east/west coast
    • have volunteers
    • reach out to them and see  where to start
  • Need to start with committee for summer conference


Set 2022 Budget

  • Members-only workshop payments: $100
  • Workshop & membership may be higher
  • Conference
    • use numbers from last year to draw sponsors
    • keep it free for members this year to see how it goes
    • Possibly up membership later on
    • raised membership fee from $25 to $40 to keep conference free
  • Workshop instructor payments are half of workshop earnings
  • Retreats
    • maybe have board members attend/help lead it.
    • Maybe have a retreat specifically for board members
    • maybe add leadership component
  • Table board members attending and having paid for until we get more info. 
  • Possible membership drive and incentives


Set dates for Stiletto Contest and Virtual Summer Conference

  • Stiletto – open on 3/5/22 and close on 4/8/22
  • Summer Conference 7/9/22 -7/10/22

Meeting Adjourned

Meeting adjourned at 4:06 PM.