CRW Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:32 PM CT.


Nicole Locker – President
Michelle McCraw – VP of Programs
Katrina Marie – VP of Communications
Stephanie Derbas – Treasurer
Tara Lynn Baisden – VP of Workshops
Cheryl Barton – Secretary
CRW Membership

Minutes of Last Board Meeting

○ Katrina motioned and Michelle seconded the meeting minutes from the last meeting


President’s Report

Nicole Locker:
○ In September, we have another mentor matching program starting
○ In October, we have 2024 board elections coming up. We will need an election volunteer coordinator for that. We are looking for anyone who is interested. Not a large commitment. Sending emails and coordinating who is interested. We will send information out in the next newsletter around this and post in the Facebook group.
○ If anyone is interested in stepping into a board position, let us know.
○ In November, we have our novel celebration for everyone who has published a book since December of last year or written a book and not yet published since that same time can enter for the novel celebration and you could win your dues for next year paid.
○ Thank you to Melanie Greene and Dayna Reidenouer, Monica Jorgensen and the many other volunteers who helped and continue to help moderate conference sessions. The conference has been really good this year. She has not heard of the technical difficulties we had last year. Thanks to Melanie for the amount of work she put in.

Treasurer’s Report

Stephanie Derbas :
○ Pay pal balance $4,562.49
○ PNC account has $55,428.56 as of this morning.
○ In the middle of doing the audit for last year. Auditors will make sure they have everything they need next week. Will let us know if they need anything else.

Secretary’s Report

Cheryl Barton:
○ Membership currently sits at 355.
○ We have ~ 227 either new or renewed memberships for this year:
■ January 48
■ February 24
■ March 30
■ April 11
■ May 19
■ June 34
■ July 61
○ We have 318 people in our Facebook group

VP of Programs Report

Michelle McCraw:
○ Stiletto contest is complete. We will announce the winners this evening. We received 112 entries across the published and unpublished divisions. Published scoresheets will go out on Monday morning as well as the unpublished finalists.
○ Conference has been amazing thanks to Melanie and Dayna for their efforts.
○ Are working to put together an in-person writing retreat in November. Location is still to be determined. Polls have gone out seeking opinions.

VP of Workshops Report

Tara Lynn Baisden:
○ Brought in $1,410.00 for second quarter and paid out $1005.00 to instructors and CRW earned $405.00
○ Calendar for 2024 is pretty much complete. A few more slots can be filled, but we do have a full schedule. We are slim on business workshops. She’s hoping to find more to add to the schedule

VP of Communications Report

Katrina Marie:
○ Twitter has been a problem with API authorization and posting there. May not be able to post in the future. She’s looking into it.
○ Camp Nano is happening right now. Nanowrimo is coming up in a few months. Send her an email if you want to work on that.

Committee Reports

No report

Business Matters

Nicole Locker:
We did get the IRS forms approved for CRW to be under our own tax-exempt status. We are no longer under RWA tax exempt since December 31, 2021. Everything is now filed and the IRS sent back approval. Effective December 31, 2021, we have our own tax-exempt status as a 501c6 organization.

New Business

No new business

Meeting Adjourned

Meeting adjourned at 7:46pm CT by Nicole Locker.