January 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 02:11 PM CT.


Nicole Locker - President
Michelle McCraw - VP of Programs
Katrina Marie - VP of Communications
Stephanie Derbas - Treasurer
Melanie Greene - Past President

Not present:
Cheryl Barton
Tara Baisden

Minutes of Last Board Meeting

Minutes of last meeting approval: Katrina moves, Michelle seconds, all in favor.


President’s Report

2023 Timeline


Quarter 1 (January – March)

January 15, 2023: Q1 Board Meeting (2:00 p.m. CT)

February ?: Audit Committee Review

  • Overseen by Stephanie Derbas
  • Volunteers: Emily Sewell and Velma Samuel

March 1-14: Mentor Matching Applications open

  • March 15-May 10 pairs work together

March 1: Stiletto Contest opens

  • Overseen by Michelle
  • Volunteers: Natalie Tindall, Rhonda Gilmour
  • Coordinator: Michelle
  • Judges: Carla Luna, Ingrid Pierce
  • Entries: Sadira Stone, Natalie Tindall, Kathy Strobos – need training, possibly from Carla
  • PR: Donna Mortensen

March 31: Stiletto Contest closes

Quarter 2 (April – June)

April 16: Q2 Board Meeting 2pm CT

May 10: Mentor Program surveys should go out

May 8: Stiletto Unpub Scores Due

May 22: Stiletto Unpub Finalists Announced

June 16: Stiletto Pub Scores Due

June 20: Stiletto Finalists Announced

Quarter 3 (July – September)

July 29-30: Virtual Conference

  • Masterclass?
  • July 29: AGM (Q3 Board Meeting) + Stiletto Awards Ceremony
  • Chapter Service Awards
  • Pitch Event
    • Volunteer: Monica Jorgensen 

September 1-14: Mentor Matching Applications open

  • September 15-November 10 pairs work together


Quarter 4 (October – December)

October 1-15: Elections coordinator gathers nominations, sets up voting

  • Volunteer: Katina Drennan?

October 15: Nanowrimo Group opens

  • Overseen by Katrina
  • Volunteers: Donna Mortensen, Andrea Jenelle

October 16-30: 2024 Board Elections open

November 1: Novel Celebration opens

November 1: File 990N (Nicole)

November 10: Mentor Program surveys should go out

November 12: Q4 Board Meeting

  • Newly elected board is invited, discuss transition plans



Need to schedule: 

  • 2023 Writing Retreat (Texas?)

Treasurer’s Report

From Stephanie Derbas. 

As of 1/15/23, 

PNC Balace: $47168.13
PayPal: $1939.44

Stephanie is going to work with our volunteers to start on this year’s Financial Audit. 

Nicole is going to send Stephanie the Stripe Login info.

Secretary’s Report

Cheryl Barton was not present for the meeting today. 

Current membership is at 362 members as of 1/15/23. 

VP of Programs Report

From Michelle McCraw. 

Stiletto Contest coming up. Kicked off today and have almost a full slate of volunteers. 

  • Dates listed above in President’s Report!
  • The board is ineligible from entering contest, but committee members are eligible to enter. 

Summer conference – Melanie Green volunteered to lead the planning. Tara has begun working on organizing getting sponsors and donations. 

VP of Workshops Report

Tara was not present for today’s meeting.  Info below provided by Nicole: 

2023 lineup is almost full, just a few more openings to fill for later in the year.  No financials to report yet as it is not yet the end of January.

VP of Communications Report

From Katrina Marie, 

PayPal subscriptions was a big ordeal this year. 

Workshops for February are going out on Social Media. Getting those set about 2 months in advance. 

Not enough member interest to keep Clubhouse up and running. 

Planning to start for Nanowrimo, including possibly a Camp Nano in July. 

Donna Mortensen has some Stiletto graphics to get to Katrina for social media blasts. 

Committee Reports

Reports are above in other areas. 

Business Matters

Roundtable Discussion set for February 15, 2023. Reconnecting With the Joy of Writing.

New Business

Nicole and working on the IRS Form 1024 with the help of Stephanie and Katrina. It will be $600 fee to file, but is required to get our own 501(c)6 status up and running, so needs to be submitted ASAP. Board approval was granted to pay this necessary fee. 

Meeting Adjourned

Meeting adjourned at 03:06 PM CT.