January 7, 2024: Q1 Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at 2:13 PM CST.


Katrina Marie - President
Stephanie Derbas - Secretary
Cheryl Barton - VP of Communications
Nicole Locker - Treasurer
Monica Jorgensen - VP of Programs

Not present:
David-Matthew Barnes - VP of Workshops

Minutes of Last Board Meeting

Nicole motions to approve last meeting minutes, Stephanie seconds. All in favor.


President’s Report

President report provided by Katrina Marie

Katrina needs to finish getting together with Nicole on the monthly newsletter. Nicole said that Kimberly Ash said that she would take over the monthly newsletters again.  Katrina will touch base with Kimberly and make sure that she has what she needs for the newsletter.

2024 Timeline

Quarter 1 (January – March)

January 7, 2024: Q1 Board Meeting (2:00 p.m. CT)

March 1-14: Mentor Matching Applications open

  • March 15-May 10 pairs work together

March 1: Stiletto Contest opens 

  • Overseen by 
  • Volunteers: 
  • Coordinator: 
  • Judges: 
  • Entries: 
  • PR: 

March 31: Stiletto Contest closes

Quarter 2 (April – June)

April 7, 2024: Q2 Board Meeting 2pm CT

May 15, 2024: Mentor Program surveys should go out

: Stiletto Unpub Scores Due

: Stiletto Unpub Finalists Announced

: Stiletto Pub Scores Due

: Stiletto Finalists Announced
(Finalized dates on this will come once they’re set)

Quarter 3 (July – September)

July 27-28: Virtual Conference

  • Masterclass?
  • July 27, 2024: AGM (Q3 Board Meeting) + Stiletto Awards Ceremony
  • Chapter Service Awards
  • Pitch Event
    • Volunteer: Monica Jorgensen

September 1-14: Mentor Matching Applications open

  • September 15-November 10 pairs work together


Quarter 4 (October – December)

October 1-15: Elections coordinator gathers nominations, sets up voting

  • Volunteer: 

October 15: Nanowrimo Group opens

  • Overseen by Katrina  (going to see if she can get volunteers to help run it)
  • Volunteers: 

October 16-30: 2025 Board Elections open

November 1: Novel Celebration opens

November 1: File 990N (Katrina)

November 10: Mentor Program surveys should go out

: Q4 Board Meeting (we will set the date in July for this meeting and set it for November or early December)

  • Newly elected board is invited, discuss transition plans



Need to schedule?: 

  • 2024 Writing Retreat (Tu Quyen offered to volunteer for the writing retreat. Need to have a meeting and analyze about what’s working and what’s not and figure out how to adapt to make the retreats with more of an attendance. Nashville was a bigger attendance. Possibly look into something that’s more central for more people to attend.)

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer report provided by Stephanie Derbas (outgoing treasurer).

As of 1/07/24, 

PNC Balance: $58,950.44
PayPal: $237.37

2023 Audit: Emily and Velma (volunteers on the audit committee) emailed in the middle of November that they were going to discuss the information that was provided. But Velma didn’t think much of an audit could be done with the documentation provided. Nicole said that she will work on a way to streamline the process better so that an audit is able to be done.

Stephanie will send Katrina the Year End Profit and Loss report.

Secretary’s Report

Secretary Report report provided by Cheryl Barton (outgoing secretary)
New/renewals: +32
End of Year: 335 members

Facebook page is up to date through Jan 7

VP of Programs Report

Programs report provided by Monica Jorgensen

Monica is settling into her new position. Going to take the next week or two to figure out the Stiletto Contest. (Katrina mentioned that the Stiletto Contest typically opens on March 1st)

VP of Workshops Report

Workshops report provided by David-Matthew Barnes

David-Matthew not present; report coming.


VP of Communications Report

Communications report provided by Cheryl Barton.

Cheryl is settling into her new position and will talk to Katrina on all of the information/responsibilities that she needs to focus on.

Cheryl wasn’t sure on if she needed to set up the website stuff; Nicole said she usually handles the website stuff (changing the board member section, etc.)

Committee Reports

N/A at the moment. That will change in the coming months.

Business Matters

New Business

Possible switch from google to Microsoft teams? (have the board look into teams and get back together in about a week or so to go over if we should move forward)

Meeting Adjourned

Meeting adjourned at 3:04PM CST.