July 2022 CRW Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:04pm CT by Nicole Locker.


Nicole Locker – President
Michelle McCraw – VP of Programs
Katrina Marie – VP of Communications
Jennifer Noseworthy – VP of Workshops
Cheryl Barton – Secretary

Minutes of Last Board Meeting

Nicole offered a motion to approve the minutes and they were approved by all in favor from board members in attendance.


President’s Report


Meeting minutes from the last quarterly meeting are on our website. Nicole offered a motion to approve the minutes and they were approved.

Big thanks to John Jacobson from Harlequin Desire for leading the pitch event today. The Spring mentorship program is wrapping up soon. It ended on July 3rd. There were 4 pairs of mentor-mentee connections. The feedback questionnaire will go out next week. The next mentorship program will open in September 2022.

Treasurer’s Report


Stephanie sent her report in ahead; she was unable to attend. Nicole presented her report.

In our PayPal account, we have $11,825.62 which we will transfer over into the bank account.

In our bank account, we have $35,593.97.

On her to-do list, she will be contacting Laurie, a volunteer, to help with our audit this year. That will be underway shortly.

Nicole added that payouts to conference speakers are pending once the conference is complete. That will be coming out of our current balances.

Secretary’s Report


The membership number is up to 325 as of today, with 53 being from July alone.

VP of Programs Report


Flag the upcoming programs

Eastern “just write” retreat will take place at the Nashville Embassy Suites. There will be a conference room for group writing or a space to write on your own. You can also do your own brainstorming. This gives you time away from home responsibilities and to focus on your work in progress. The dates are September 16 – 19. Stay as many days as you like. We have the conference room for 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. Early bird pricing ends in July at $99. May be able to extend that into August. She will check with Nicole. Sign up on our website.

Western retreat in San Diego. This one will have a speaker, Laurie Schnebly who will be presenting 4 workshops. October 21 – 23rd at the Hilton Garden Inn. Not sure how long the early bird pricing will last. $200 for all of those presentations. Sign up on the website.

Stiletto contest winners will be announced shortly. She offered thanks to all who assisted with the contest this year. They are: Nola LiBarr, chairperson, Melanie Greene, entry coordinator, Avery Flynn, Judge Coordinator, Mariah Ankenman, Caro Carson, Carla Luna Cullen, Donna Mortensen, Megan Randall and Sadira Stone.

Virtual conference. Thanks to those who helped: Melanie Greene, Chair, Nicole Locker, Christi Barth, Cheryl Barton, Dylann Crush, Carla Luna Cullen, Stephanie Derbas, Susannah Erwin, Despina Karras, Jennifer Noseworthy, Katrina Marie, Donna Mortensen, Robyn Neely, Dayna Reidenouer, Stephanie Scott, Anne Stone, Kathy L. Wheeler.

VP of Workshops Report


Profit from workshops for the second quarter total is $550.00. Used Eventbrite to help make us more visible to get more people signed up that way. She will poll members for 3rd quarter workshops to see what kind they want to have in 2023. Nicole mentioned there is a lot of work that goes into planning the workshops; Kudos to Jennifer. She said any help with this would be helpful.

VP of Communications Report

So far things are going well. There are some Gmail spam issues, but she’s looking at ways to work around that. She wants to help bring more of the community aspect in and will be restarting the weekly Clubhouse chats. They were started last fall, but things got hectic and we dropped off. She’s looking for volunteers and they will be rotated. Be on the lookout for that signup.

Committee Reports

Business Matters


Old business:

We received the Restated Certificate of Formation from the Texas Secretary of State. That will allow us to move forward on some of the other steps we need to take for our disaffiliation process from RWA. We are disaffiliated. We had to clean up a few behind-the-scenes business matters. It takes some time, so we are making headway on that.

New Business

New Business:


A member asked when are elections?
Elections are held in October. We will announce new board members in November. We then take December to do some shadowing – teaching the new people, if anyone isn’t reprising their role in the coming year. Leading up to October, if we need positions that we need volunteers for and if you’re interested, email Katrina and let us know.

Meeting Adjourned

Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm CT.