November 12, 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 2:08 p.m. CST.


Nicole R. Locker - President
Michelle McCraw - VP of Programs
Stephanie Derbas - Treasurer
Tara Baisden - VP of Workshops
Katrina Marie - VP of Communications
Cheryl Barton - Secretary
David-Matthew Barnes - Incoming VP of Workshops

Minutes of Last Board Meeting

Katrina motions to approve last meeting minutes, Michelle seconds. All in favor.


President’s Report

President report provided by Nicole R. Locker. 

990 has been filed. 

Need to start our Novel Celebration!

2024 Board Officers elected:

  • President: Katrina Marie
  • Secretary: Stephanie Derbas
  • Treasurer: Nicole R. Locker
  • VP of Communications: Cheryl Barton
  • VP of Workshops: David-Matthew Barnes
  • VP of  Programs: TBD

Treasurer’s Report

Provided by Stephanie Derbas: 

PayPal Balance: $237.33

PNC Balance: $58,208.00 as of 11/12/23

Audit is still ongoing. Email went to audit committee today to get a status update. Were doing a generalized audit. Year to date report will be shared once it has been completed. Stephanie will help Nicky complete a year-end total reconciliation for 2023.

Secretary’s Report

Provided by Cheryl Barton:

We currently have 353 members. Cheryl will pull together instructions for Stephanie on the tasks of the secretary position by the end of November.

VP of Programs Report

Provided by Michelle McCraw

Retreat is happening this weekend. We had just a few people register, attending in Palm Springs in an AirBnB. 

Had a planning meeting for Conference 2024. Date set for July 27-28, 2024, with Masterclass being July 26, 2024.

VP of Workshops Report

Provided by Tara Baisden

Total income for 3rd quarter was $860. Total going out was $625. Profit was $235.

Workshop calendar for 2024 is complete, not too much wiggle room. October and November each have 2 workshops so far, so we can add more there if needed. January will look like we are overbooked but it is from a rescheduled workshop from 2023 that had to be cancelled.

Nicky needs to add our 2024 workshops to our Workshops page on the website.

VP of Communications Report

Provided by Katrina Marie: 

Need to reauthenticate our socials. Sociamonials is our scheduling program. 

Answering emails from questions coming in. 

Nanowrimo prompts this year have garnered a lot of engagement! 

Working on getting the Google Doc ready to share with Cheryl to take over for next year. 

Committee Reports


Business Matters

Current officers, please go ahead and share login info with the 2024 incoming officers and begin working on transition during the remainder of November and December. 

VP of Programs appointment: options are Monica Jorgenson and Michelle Libby. Katrina will reach out to Monica.

Nicky will create a webpage that is only accessible by board members that we will store important documents to share information.

Need to look into pricing of using Teams for board usage.

New Business

Next meeting: January 7, 2024 at 3pm ET/2pm CT/1pm MT/12pm PT

Tentative 2024 Schedule: 

Meeting Adjourned

Meeting adjourned at 3:07 p.m. CST.