GMC, Wonder Woman, and Unlocking Your NaNoWriMo Story

Wow, okay. So NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) begins exactly a week from today. Have you figured out your plot? Eh, don’t worry, neither have I. Besides, as they say, “no plot, no problem.” Right? NaNo is the time to write with “literary abandon,” forget the rules, and just write. Right? Well. . . The […]

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~ By Samanthya Wyatt Our stories cover a wide range of time periods, but the one thing profoundly rooted in each is family—whether it is a large family or no family members at all. The heart of our stories come from deep emotion concerning family ties. This can be the loss of a family member, a

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~ By Susan Meier Note: This post originally appeared here.  Anybody can write a book. All you’ve got to do is think up a plot, give your characters some arcs, divide it into scenes and get it into your computer, and eventually onto paper. But how many people do you know who really know how to

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Does A Happily Ever After Require Wedding Bells? [REPOST]

~ By Kristina Mathews With another celebrity marriage down the tubes, I can’t help but wonder if marriage is even necessary—in books and in real life. I know there are many couples who are perfectly happy just living together. Many couples have an unintentional pregnancy and don’t even consider marriage before the baby comes, sometimes not

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Tell Me a Story

~ By Addison James “Tell me a story.” My Vice President said after we spent an hour with a member of the Board of Directors, scrutinizing nearly every digit in a ten page slide deck. Those digits were the result of a very large spreadsheet which I had created which showed  our results for last

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