E-Newsletter | Issue: 2022-01-28

President’s Letter

From the writing desk of Nicole R. Locker

Dear CRW Members, 

We’re excited to extend a warm welcome to new CRW Members who joined since our last newsletter: Tammy James, Manda Waller, JB Schroeder, Christi Barth, and Alison B. Welcome to CRW!


MEMBER FORUMS: We polled members in January asking how you want to communicate with other CRW Members. The top votes were the Member Facebook Group and Slack (because many people choose not to be on Facebook). We encourage everyone to Join the CRW Member Forum on Slack so that you do not miss questions, opportunities, and helpful resources shared in the Slack workspace by other members.

We created a short tutorial to get you started if you are new to Slack. Watch the getting started tutorial here.

image for CRW Accountability Group

ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP SIGN-UPS: Set and meet your writing goals this year by joining the CRW Accountability Group, led by Tanya Agler. Group accountability can make all the difference by keeping you on track and helping you veer back quickly before you get too far off your path.

Sign up to join the CRW Accountability Group here.

OCTOBER WRITING RETREAT INTEREST POLL: We need to know how many of you are interested in attending the in-person writing retreat that will be held in the Western US (California) during the month of October. If you have any interest in attending, please complete the interest poll here.

MODERATE A FEBRUARY WORKSHOP: If you are able to moderate one of the February Workshops (or other months with openings), please sign up and learn what’s involved here. Bonus: The Moderator gets to attend the workshop for FREE!

EVENT PLANNING: We are looking for a CRW member who lives in the Eastern US who is interested in leading the planning (with help from the board and other volunteers) for the in-person writing retreated located somewhere in the Eastern US. This person will help determine location and timing of the other in-person writing retreat and work with the board and volunteers to make it happen. If event planning is something you can help with (and this one is just getting a group together to write!), please email Michelle.

DIVERSITY: Nicole is looking for a group or individual to assist her and Despina Karras as the Diversity Chair/Committee for CRW. This person or group will work with the board and volunteers to provide input on programs and events so that CRW can be a safe and inclusive organization for all members. If Diversity is an important issue for you and you would be willing/able to give a bit of your time to help CRW in this way, please email Nicole.

THANK YOU TO CRW VOLUNTEERS: We also want to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has stepped up so far to volunteer for various CRW programming.

Stiletto Contest Committee
Nola Li Barr (Chair)
Avery Flynn
Melanie Greene
Caro Carson
Sadira Stone
Megan Randall

Virtual Conference Planning Committee
Melanie Greene (Chair)
Cheryl Barton
Dylann Crush
Carla Luna Cullen
Susannah Erwin
Annie Stone

Writing Retreat Planning Committee
Tu Quyen Pham (Chair – Western US)
Mariah Ankenman
Susannah Erwin
Avery Flynn
Anne Stone
Sadira Stone

Accountability Group Coordinator
Tanya Agler

Audit Committee
Laurie Ryan
Stephanie Derbas

Diversity Committee
Despina Karras

Industry News
Pamela Ferguson

Mentor Program
Mariah Ankenman
Cathy McDavid

Nanowrimo Team Leaders
Katrina Marie
Stephanie Bourbon

New Member Welcomes
Stephanie Scott

Pitch Events
Kathy Wheeler

Webinar Coordinator
Donna Mortensen

Upcoming CRW Events

Event Calendar

February 13 | Sunday
4pm ET | 3pm CT | 2pm MT | 1pm PT
CRW New Member Welcome (Zoom)

February 13 | Sunday
4:30pm ET | 3:30pm CT | 2:30pm MT | 1:30pm PT
CRW Member Townhall (Zoom)

February 26 | Saturday
4pm ET | 3pm CT | 2pm MT | 1pm PT
Webinar: Adapt Your Novel to the Screen with Ines Johnson (register)

Every Monday: 8:30pm ET | 7:30pm CT | 6:30pm MT | 5:30pm PT
Roundtable Chats on various topics (Clubhouse)

Writing Sprints

Every Tuesday: 12pm ET | 11am CT | 10am MT | 9am PT
Sprints with Tanya on Zoom

Every Thursday: 10:30pm ET | 9:30pm CT | 8:30pm MT | 7:30pm PT
Sprints with Nicky on Zoom

Every Saturday: 12pm ET | 11am CT | 10am MT | 9am PT
Sprints with Michelle on Zoom 

Want to run sprints at a different day/time? Let us know!

Upcoming Workshops

Have a New Release?

Member New Releases 2021 | 2022

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