CRW Summer Conference participants have the opportunity to attend our Saturday Masterclass:

Bias, Creativity, and Your Writing with Shree Aier

Bias. How does it affect every one of us every day? And why is it vital, especially as an author, to understand its implications?

In this Masterclass, Shree Aier defines bias in all of its insidious aspects, starting with a scientific perspective and then highlighting its far-reaching impact on all parts of our lives, including our creativity. Understanding it is the first step to moving forward, and not allowing it to diminish our world.

Session One: Bias is Affecting YOUR Creativity

  • Scientific perspective of Bias
  • Bias affects women and Caucasians
  • Categorization (Geographical and Race)
  • Favorite animal (exercise)
  • The wastes of war and its effects on psyche
  • Evolutionary changes to desirability
  • History and Law affects desirability and choice of partner
  • Biases in books – a historical perspective
  • Biases in Amazon and Internet shopping

Session Two: In-Depth Modules

  • Disability module
    • Types of disabilities
    • Sexuality and Disability
    • Tropes
  • Sexuality and Gender module
    • When is it determined?
    • miRNA and responses to environmental stressor
    • Examples in the animal kingdom
    • Tropes
  • Religious module (exercise)
    • Background on religions
    • Tropes (Brides, Holiday)
  • Race module
    • Historical war & colonization
    • What is race?
    • Social constructs and historical effects of movies and books
    • Tropes (white savior)

Session Three: How to Overcome Bias as an Author 

  • Culturally pertinent information
    • Food
    • Animals
    • Exoticization
    • History
  • Understand criticism and its sources
    • Genre expectations
    • Sexuality and Reproductive criticism
    • Adding Rape and incest as ‘intrigue’
    • Discussion on abortion, safe sex, and STDs
  • Own voices versus an outsider’s perspective
    • Old examples with Mowgli and India
    • Current examples with American Dirt
  • Privilege, what it is and what it isn’t
    • Empathy
  • HEA new definition – Happiness for Everyone and Anyone


About Shree

Presenter Shree Aier

Shree C. Aier moved from India to the United States at the age of 19, in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in business. She went on to complete a second bachelor’s in biochemistry with a minor in psychology, and a master’s in material science and engineering. Her research interests have spanned cross-cultural studies, Alzheimer’s protein analyses, and nanotechnology for cancer related immunotherapy, and she has presented her work at multiple conferences. Having founded Wonky Perspectives as her creative outlet, Shree loves to write science fiction, middle-grade, and romance, and maintains a podcast. Her first sci-fi romance novel “Coexistence” was published in July 2019.  She was part of a recent NPR panel on romance, and has conducted workshops on poisons at Emerald City, and on biases at the Portland chapter. Shree has published articles on Medium, and her article “Challenge your Bias” was published in the Romance Writers Report (RWR) January 2020 edition. For more information, please visit


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