Mastering Amazon: Ads, Your Backlist, and the Perfect Book Launch

WEBINAR 11/17/2020 – 5 pacific / 8 eastern

This class will focus on key elements publishers need to know to maximize Amazon to fully support not just their current title, but how to leverage backlist titles, and plan better for future book launches.

We’ll cover how to:

  • Refresh Your Approach to Amazon Ads: With the new ads dashboard, working within Amazon’s ad system has gotten more confusing and more complex. We’ll look at some creative ways to drive more clicks and improve ranking.
  • Optimize Keywords in Amazon Ads: How many do you need, and how can you find the right ones? Some new data suggests that the old ways of finding keywords are no longer working so it’s time to catch up.
  • Leverage Your Backlist: If you have a single title that’s doing well there are some key strategies you can use to generate more exposure for your backlist.
  • Create Successful Book launches: A title can really succeed when it’s launched on Amazon the right way. This is more than just quickly getting reviews, it’s also about boosting early exposure.

This webinar will take you through the steps you need to succeed in today’s Amazon landscape.


Penny is an indie author. That’s rare for book marketing companies, just ask around.

And because Penny is an author, our team genuinely appreciates seeing authors become successful, along with educating them on how smart branding and strategic platform building lead to more book sales by focusing on what truly matters in today’s market.