2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Table of Contents

January 17, 2021

Agenda: Meeting called to order at 3:04 PM

Welcome new board

Approve last meeting minutes: Ainsley moves, Michelle second, all in favor

Workshops Report (Nicole): was able to sign on Friday to the zoom. Denise got everything set up for the first few months. There are a few months to get on the calendar for the end of the year. Post to Facebook to get more information out. Add a sign up for workshop only information to the website.  

Communications Report (Michelle): Have been sending out the workshops through the form. Figured out the images. Will post to Twitter. Feed the new releases page to social media outlets. 

Secretary Report (Katrina): Sitting at 187 members. Sending out renewal reminders on Monday. 

Treasurer Report (Ainsley): Treasurer Report (Ainsley): Still working with  transition and getting updated books from 2020. When that’s done, will develop 2021 budget.
Banking: Add Michelle to PNC account, organize official transition letter and signatory process
Add Nicole to the Paypal. (Email info to President & Treasurer)
Current balances: $37,382.04 in PNC, $448.03 Paypal

Next Town Hall – February 27, 2021 5-7PM

Stiletto Contest – in search of volunteers
Kay Harris – judge coordinator

Still need overall coordinator and entry coordinator

Basic plan for 2021 Virtual Conference: July 10-11, 2021 (11:00 AM to 6:30 PM CDT both days)

Multiple tracts: Masters & unpublished

Survey to ask people what they are looking for 

Chapter-wide follower/list builders: Possibly two options to be able to help. Ainsley is setting up with Nicole as help.

Mentor Program new round dates: March & September

Update after RWA’s Chapter Leader meeting – also Push to Publish video plan

Presidents Report (Melanie): RAMP Program, Push to Publish program, Publishing initiative starting to emphasize OWN voices, figure out how to engage/re-engage members to get them involved, working on cost savings, cancelling RWR print magazine, 

Pitch Events – starting from 0 so need all the plans: Reach out to editors/agents to see if they would like to do a pitch session with our chapter. Once a year in the fall.

Meeting Adjourned: 4:42 PM

April 17, 2021


President’s Report

VP Communications Report

  • Forwarding the emails to Nicole for workshops
  • Volunteers to post news to social media until May 
  • Contact Tanya to help with that. (Nicole reaching out)
    • Announcements & workshops

VP Workshops Report

  • Jan workshops done: 2 workshops
    • Members only -41
    • Regular (paid) -21
  • Feb: 3 workshops
    • Members only – 38
    • Regular (paid) -18
  • March: 5 workshops
    • Members only – 30
    • Paid – 31
  • First quarter
    • Members only:
    • Paid: 
  • April: 
    • Members – 28
    • Paid – 31
  • Already have some of the workshops booking for 2022
  • People can already start registering for all 2021

Treasurer Report

  • Liability & Equity: 35981.72
  • Money coming in from Stiletto &  workshops
  • End of quarter balance sheet on slack & Member forum files

Secretary Report

  • Currently at 189 members. It’s been fluctuating up and down with previous members lapsing and new members joining.
  • General members: 149
  • Associate members: 37
  • PAN: 88
  • PRO: 55

Old Business:

Previous Meeting Minutes

Move to accept Aisnley, Second Nicole, all in favor

New Business: 

Stiletto Contest Update

  • Entries: 81
  • Evenly split between published & unpublished
  • Had enough judges this year
  • 3 categories per division
    • Published: short, medium, & long
    • Unpublished: medium, long & women’s fiction
  • All but one judge have responded to judge training
  • Present winners at chapter conference

Mentor Program Update

  • Mentor program for summer going well. 
  • People who have done the program are enjoying it. 

List Builder Update

  • Nicole set up the backend
  • Well received
  • 32 participating authors
  • Maybe smaller next time (put a cap on it)

Summer Conference Update

  • Workshops updates
    • Free for CRW members
    • Looking for someone to talk about anthologies, social media
    • 60 minutes aside from 1 a day being 90 minutes
    • 8 am Pacific
    • Add mailing address to jotform
  • Discuss & vote on $4000 budget / $40 non-member price
    • Non member price $40 
      • Ainsley move, kathy second, all in favor
    • $5000 budget
      • Ainsley move, Katrina second, all in favor
    • $1000 for swag bags
      • Ainsley move, Kathy second, all in favor
    • 2 tracks PAN & PRO
      • Run simultaneously except for Keynote
  • Swag ideas
    • Tote bags with logo
    • Solicit things to include
  • Speakers
    • Keynote: Clair Kingsley
    • Writing Woke: Kilby Blades
    • Primal Branding: Mary Buckman
    • How to earn 6 figures: Ines Johnson
    • Muse vs Money: Jocelyn Lindsey
    • Foreign rights & agents: Kimberly Brower
    • Newsletter: Tammi Lebreque
    • Ainsley reaching out to Skye
    • Hope to reach out to Beverly Jenkins & have reached out to Zoe York
  • Adjourn meeting at 3:45 PM

July 10, 2021 (Annual General Meeting)

Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM CST. 

Welcome & Introductions

President’s Report – Melanie 

VP of Workshops Report – Nicole 

  • Revenue from workshops $2935.00 earned by chapter $1467.50
  • A couple from June have been rescheduled for July. 
  • Plans for 2022 
    • General track 2 workshops/month
      • 1 craft
      • 1 business
    • Advanced Track 2 workshops/month
      • 1 craft
      • 1 business
    • Members only 
      • 1 workshop/month
    • 5 workshops total monthly

VP of Communications Report – Kathy

  • Keep up with all the incoming emails for the chapter & route to appropriate person on a daily basis
  • Shout out to Tanya Agler for helping with the social media & workshops

Treasurer’s Report – Ainsley

  • P&L for 2020 at the bottom
  • $37152.98 cents
  • $5000 toward the conference
  • A little in the hole but digging out. 
  • But more money in the account than we did at the end of the year. Will not be negative for the year. 

Secretary’s Report – Katrina 

  • We currently have 223 members. An increase from end of 2020. 
  • Minutes for January board meeting and April board meeting are at the bottom.

Old Business:

  • Approve April Meeting Minutes
    • Moved by Ainsley
    • Seconded by Kathy
    • All in favor
    • Minutes passed

New Business:

  • Upcoming Programming 
    • Fall Mentor Program opens for applications Sept 1, mentoring begins Sept 15
      • Started last year and have gotten great feedback from Mentors & Mentees
      • 10 week period. 
    • Conference Pitch Expo will inform how we shape a pitch event we hope to run in the fall
    • Member Town Halls in late September and early December
      • May break it up more. 
    • Ongoing workshops, writing sprints, forum conversations, new release postings, and more
      • If you’d like to host sprints reach out
  • Elections for 2022 Board in November; we need a volunteer or two (who won’t run for office) to manage the election logistics
    • Needs to happen in the Fall, generally November. 
    • If interested message Melanie. 
  • Open the floor for member discussion and questions 
    • Need an attendance of 45 members for quorum if there is to be a member vote
      • Michelle McCraw asked if we are considering disaffiliation
        • Survey is to see what we can do as a chapter to make it as strong as possible. 
          • What do we need from RWA (Melanie)
          • If we want to break away what would that look like. (Melanie)
          • Want to make sure that if it’s the way membership wants to go that we’re doing it in an organized way. (Nicole)
          • Survey will help shape the chapter regardless (Nicole)
          • Want to make sure we’re here to serve the chapter and what the chapter wants. (Nicole)
          • Wanted to get past the conference before we could focus on looking at everything. (Nicole)
        • A.M. Grimm asked about pros & Cons
          • Will poll members about disaffiliating (Melanie)
          • Want to stay a group that’s strong & connected (Melanie)
          • Hard to serve the members the way we’re used to. (Melanie)
          • It’s taken a toll on our membership (Nicole)
            • Decline in membership numbers
            • Makes it difficult to find members to step up into leadership roles. 
            • We need to keep our membership up. 
            • We have a huge potential to grow into something large. 
            • Things we’re looking into forming connections with other chapters for advocacy and workshops regardless if we disaffiliate. 
      • Dayna Long asked about mentorship. 
        • Mentors help with pitch stuff or first 50 pages. 
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:29 PM CST

November 21, 2021

Meeting called to order 11/21/21 at  2:08 PM

President Report

  • Delay and comment as we go through

VP Workshops Report

  • Lots to report
  • Workshops have brought in $6585.00
  • Paid $3342.50 to instructors
  • Need to calculate November
  • Only 1 workshop left to schedule for 2022
  • Has things set up and streamlined
  • General track
  • One advanced track
  • One members only workshop per month (except July & December) – all workshops will be instructor led

VP Communications Report

  • Doesn’t have muct to report
  • Tanya done a fabulous job with social media
  • Thinks it could be broken up to volunteers & recommends having assistance
  • Created folders for emails

Secretary Report

  • At the end of October we had 212 members. 
  • As of today we have: 256
  • Some issues w/ membership login, but we have things figured out.

Treasurer Report

  • Balances as of 11/21/21 
  • PNC = $36,040.58
  • PayPal = $2,076.70
  • Doesn’t have P&L yet. 
  • Will get notifications sent to treasurer email
  • Will have P&L done by end of year
  • Will contact Stephanie (2022 Treasurer) about Quickbooks
  • Will get new treasure email account set up

Old Business

Disaffiliation from RWA Updates

  • Remove non members from FB group – Katrina will do
  • Reimburse Mel for Texas Sec of State fees if her checks have been cashed
  • When get information from SOS will start the big IRS forms
  • Need to do: 
  • Policy Manual & By-Laws
  • Haven’t gotten anything from member about what we have
  • Doesn’t think there are major problems but need to decide what we want to do. 
  • Mel will contact a Texas Non-Profit lawyer – will hold vote on amount to spend at later date when we have a quote
  • Make sure the Policy Manual is in shape before we send it in for review
  • Conflict of Interest & Code of Ethics are ready to go as is
  • Paypal & PNC – waiting for IRS and Secretary of State to see if we need to do anything with our bank accounts
  • Need to remove RWA from everything

2021 Programs Review:

Stiletto Contest:

  • Finalist feedback re: ownvoices and reviewing final round feedback – need to review final round of judge comments, add subjective writing info to form page, maybe add short bio or synopsis for final round entries
  • Begin search for final judges for 2022
  • Need 2022 coordinator


  • Detailing format and length of manuscript sent to mentor

New Business

Welcome 2022 Board

  • Appoint committee chairs – will be contacting who could lead up committees, need more volunteers for workshops
  • Transition / shadowing updates – contact replacement in next couple of weeks for shadowing, be available for question for 2022
  • Possible retreat ideas – east/west coast, have volunteers, reach out to them and see  where to start
  • Need to start with committee for summer conference

Set 2022 Budget

  • Members-only workshop payments: $100
  • Workshop & membership may be higher
  • Conference – use numbers from last year to draw sponsors, keep it free for members this year to see how it goes. Possibly up membership later on, raised membership fee from $25 to $40 to keep conference free
  • Workshop instructor payments are half of workshop earnings
  • Retreats – maybe have board members attend/help lead it. Maybe have a retreat specifically for board members (maybe add leadership component)
  • Table board members attending and having paid for until we get more info. 
  • Possibly membership drive and incentives

Set dates for Stiletto Contest and Virtual Summer Conference

  • Stiletto – open on 3/5/22 and close on 4/8/22
  • Summer Conference 7/9/22 -7/10/22

Meeting adjourned at 4:06 PM