Webinar: What Your Crit Partners Can’t Tell You

Webinar via GoToMeeting – We can only accept 21 poeple to this course. 

A romance novel turns on several key scenes not found in other genres, namely, the Meet, the First Intimacy, Mid-point, Big Black Moment, and Denouement. Well intentioned CPs, knowledgeable writing coaches, and even our editors don’t always grasp how these scenes work in a romance setting, as opposed to how their counterparts work generally or in other genres. Get the benefit of Grace’s experience as an award-winning author, workshop lurker, and avid craft reader, so that your scenes not only keep the novel moving, but grab the reader by the heart. This 45-90 minute presentation works well at writers’ conferences of any size.

Instructor Bio:

Grace Burrowes has earned Best Book of the Year kudos from The Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Book Reviews, Romantic Times and the iBooks Store. She’s put more than two dozen titles on either the USA Today or NYT bestsellers lists, and has also been nominated six times for the RWA RITA award. “I love to write,” Grace says. “Regency, Victorian, Scottish, holiday, contemporary–I love them all, and I love to hear from my readers!” Grace is a practicing child welfare attorney, and can be reached through her website at graceburrowes.com.