A Look from the Other POV: How to See Diversity from the Other Side

2024 March | Craft

WHEN: March 9, 2024 – 4 PM EST / 3 PM CST / 2 PM MST / 1 PM PST via Zoom

Course Description:

How can writers manage to get to the essence of the “other”? One of the great challenges of crafting a story with an authentic feel for diverse characters is getting to the heart of the details, both big and small. Here’s how to do just that, from a former anthropologist who can tell you about living on the other side. The checklist provided can be used for all your writing, whether contemporary or fantasy. This workshop breaks down the minutia important to any culture and aids the writer in his or her research.

About the Instructor:

Elizabeth (Eilis) Flynn is an author and editor. She’s written and edited comic books, graphic novellas, romance and fantasy novels, and finance. She can be found at emsflynn.com (for her editing) and at eilisflynn.com (for her writing).