Complicating the Opposites Attract Love Story: Writing the Contemporary Paranormal Romance

2024 May | Craft

WHEN: May 1, 2024 – May 31, 2024 via GroupsIO

Course Description:

It’s hard enough for the boy to meet a girl, a girl to meet a boy, or even boy to meet a boy or a girl to meet a girl, as the case may be, and then fall in love.

We have Romeo and Juliette and the Hatfields and McCoys as examples of lovers from warring families falling in love. It definitely didn’t work out well for Shakespeare’s young lovers. I’m not sure where it was or wasn’t for the lovers in the 19th-century family wars along the West Virginia-Kentucky border as two McCoy women wed Hatfield men and four McCoy men wed Hatfield women, which seems like the math is off, doesn’t it? But even when the in-laws want to kill each other, it isn’t as tricky as being a shapeshifter or magic user who finds true love in the opposite camp.

That’s what this 4-week workshop concentrates on: love between the…er…species. Humans can fall in love with were beings, with vampires, elves, a member of the Fae, or…well, even one of the old gods! Percy Jackson’s parents were certainly from different camps.

We’ll talk about what sort of shapeshifter hero or heroine to use, what you want to keep or change in the legend (after all, it’s werewolves that belong to the old European peasant legends, not werebears, weretigers, etc.), and whether to have them get involved with a full human or with another type of shifter, or an alchemist, or a wizard, or something else entirely!

These folks have got more problems to overcome than your average romantic couple. And they usually are falling in love or dealing with the relationship while other story elements are causing them headaches. These aren’t just love stories, they tend to be action-adventure and even mystery/suspense tales.

Join me for a write on the really wild side where we play matchmaker to things that don’t really exist.

Or do they?

About the Instructor:

Beth Daniels never intended to write stories with either shapeshifters or magic users. She was writing romantic suspense, romantic comedy, and historical romance as Beth Henderson and doing very well at it as the 20th century closed down. But in the 21st century, the market took some real twists. The first time she picked up an urban fantasy story to read it was supposed to be as a palate cleanser. Instead, it turned into a new market for her as J.B. Dane where she spins The Raven Tales. In the closing months of 2021, she mixed romance and cozy mystery with a downsized paranormal element under her Beth Henderson pseudonym for a short series, Whichur-Wolfe Detection. If nothing else, she can definitely say she is currently in love with paranormal characters—particularly those that are born from her pen. Visit her at under all her names.