Find Your Hot Premise

2024 February | Members Only

WHEN: February 1, 2024 – February 15, 2024 via GroupsIO

Course Description:

We’ve all had that experience of stepping into an elevator or other confined space, realizing you’re in there with an editor or an agent, and he or she asks you what you’re working on. As you stammer out your long-winded answer (starting off with the classic “Well, it’s complicated”), the moment ends (i.e., the elevator door opens), and said editor or agent goes on his or her way. Could you have made use of that opportunity by blurting out the hot premise version of your synopsis? You betcha! This workshop is for everyone who’s been asked to boil down their story idea into one sentence, ten words or fewer. This is for everyone who’s had a hard time boiling their stories down into the simplest terms, a necessity in today’s short-attention-span era. Come on over and find out how you can make your premise double-take-worthy!

About the Instructor:

Elizabeth (Eilis) Flynn is an author and an editor. She’s written and edited fiction: comic books, graphic novellas, novels, short stories, contemporary romance, and fantasy. She’s written and edited nonfiction: finance, tech, folklore, and anthropology (which was her major). She can be found at (for the editing) and at (for her writing).