Hope Is Not a Plan: Building a Workable Writing Schedule to Hit Your Deadlines

2021 October | Business

WHEN: October 16, 2021 – 1PM Eastern/12PM Central/10AM Pacific via Zoom

Course Description:

Are you a writer who’s said, “I’m sure I can get it done by then!” and then…didn’t? Mapped out a decent writing process, but it stops working? Hyperventilated at the idea of trying to write something different, and hoped you could make it work? Then you may want to check out M.C. Vaughan’s presentation. With over twenty years of project management experience, she’ll walk through processes and techniques for making a workable plan to hit the deadlines you (or your publishers) set. Spoiler alert: it’s not magic, it’s math, but we’ll make it fun! Also, if you have a process that stopped working, we’ll talk through some tips for changing things up to goose that muse.

About the Instructor:

M.C. Vaughan is the author of the contemporary romance “Charm City Hearts Series,” and has over twenty years of experience in project management in a variety of environments. The tools she’s learned in her day job life have informed how she plans her writing life in myriad ways, and she’s delighted to share that process with you.