MEMBERS ONLY Workshop In a Box: Economy of Words

2021 May | Members Only

WHEN: May 22, 2021 – 1PM Eastern/12PM Central/10AM Pacific via Zoom

Course Description:

The Economy of Words: Writing Short Story Romances Savannah J. Frierson
Recorded May 2020 for RWA Chapter workshop use only.
Run time: approximately 30 minutes.

Between ever-shortening attention spans of readers and ever-expanding lists of demands upon everyone’s time, being able to write short, yet satisfying romances could be the perfect way to build upon craft, gain interest in our voice and stories to new and known audiences, and generate additional income between larger projects. This presentation will give some pointers on how to start writing short story romances and what to keep in mind as you do.

About the Instructor:

Savannah J. Frierson is a USA TODAY best-selling and award-winning author who crafts full, happily-ever-afters for readers who believe transcendent romances are worth the wait. She taps into characters’ softness to show vulnerability as a strength to be embraced and celebrated. Savannah’s characters find empowerment through love, and she hopes her dear readers do too.