New Beginnings and Left Turns

2021 September | Business

WHEN: September 1, 2021 – September 28, 2021 via GroupsIO

Course Description:

Staring at a blank screen is unproductive. Let me teach you how to get past the roadblocks, get your hands back on the keys, and fill that screen with words. Learn useful tactics for digging yourself out of a metaphorical hole, for taking a story in a whole new direction, or for making a tiny change that will open up something you hadn’t yet thought of.

This workshop will provide you with tools and exercises to help you—or your reluctant muse—climb out of the ditch and back up onto the road.   

About the Instructor:

Kathryn Jane, author, artist, and coach, loves to share her knowledge and experience in a wide variety of workshops designed to assist others on their journey from idea to publication and successful marketing. Her own publishing career has included everything from novels to short stories and a variety of genres including Women’s Fiction and Romantic Suspense.