On Beyond Google

2024 January | Business

WHEN: January 27, 2024 – 4 PM EST / 3 PM CST / 2 PM MST / 1 PM PST via Zoom

Course Description:

A how-to class to increase the reach of your writing research and how to make it work for you in your writing. 

I’ve broken into my own home (almost had the police called on me more than once), I’ve snagged ride-alongs with four stations, been given a private tour and lessons on plantation restoration, visited numerous locations for future books, and more. 

Find the connections they need, ask the right questions of the right people, and get that edge that makes readers believe.

About the Instructor:

Author of over 50 novels under 2 pen names. Thriller/Suspense and Contemporary romance. Winner of multiple Best Fiction of the Year awards, Ben Franklin Awards, Maggie Award, National Excellence in Story Telling Award and more. USA Today bestseller and researcher!